Cleve class of ‘97 reunite

Cleve Area School’s year 12 class of 1997 held their 20-year class reunion on October 7 at Cleve after starting planning 12 months prior.

We met at the school during the day and took a tour of the facilities, which have changed dramatically since our days at school.

There were a few nostalgic moments and reminiscing when we found some classrooms that were still standing.

Sheila Bammann (our year 12 home group teacher – she has not changed) took us on the tour.

We had a big class and were stoked so many could join us to celebrate.

Following this we made our way out to Sims Farm so the boys from ag could have a look around.

The Cleve Hotel hosted us for dinner 30 adults and a number of kids.

It was a great day and night catching up with classmates with lots of laughs and stories were shared!

We also watched our graduation DVD which was hilarious.