Year 12 exams are only the beginning

It’s that time of year again, when thousands of year 12 students across the state stress out to the max as they begin to think that the next six weeks could make or break the rest of their lives.

Year 12 students do not only stress themselves out, but generally also their families.

However for all the year 12 students out there, take it from someone who was in your shoes only four years ago, it is not the end of the world.

It may seem like it, and I had some teachers in year 12 who made it feel that way, but you need to remember you have survived the last 12 years at school, so six weeks should be a breeze.

Your exams are only weighted at 30 per cent of your final grade so there is a chance that could drop your grade but this is also a chance to improve it. 

Embrace that opportunity. study hard, but do not burn yourself (or your families) out.

While it is exciting to get a top ATAR score, this is not always what employers will look for. 

Some will care about your year 12 grades, other will only care that completed your SACE – regardless of the grade –  and some will not care about SACE at all... or even know what it is. 

My biggest piece of advice to year 12 students is to embrace the next few weeks, you have spent 13 years in school and that is coming to an end, so now is not the time to muddy your memories of school.

I say have fun with your classmates while you can.

In small communities, you have a special bond with classmates because there are so few of you and you have probably spent your whole school careers together.

After school finishes, many will go onto study in the city, while others will opt for employment and free time will all but vanish.

You may not see many of your classmates until your reunions but others you will have no doubt built long lasting friendships with.

When it comes to exams, I believe that believe in yourself is the key.

You have been studying for these exams all year whether you realised it or not.

Whatever you do to study though, do not cram the night or morning before your exam.

Study ahead of time, trust me, you, your brain and your final mark (if that matters to you) will thank you for it.

Lastly but most importantly, goodluck!