Dirt road concerns raised

Kimba resident Hayden Parson has raised his concerns over the state of dirt roads in the Kimba district.

Mr Parsons wrote to the Kimba District Council in August requesting that more work be done to improve the condition of local dirt roads.

In his letter, Mr Parsons said it had come to his attention that the council was failing in their duty of care regarding to the maintenance of road surfaces.

The roads Mr Parsons referred to were located to the south east of Kimba, with the more serious cases of road disrepair located at Heggaton, Parsons and Barna-Bunong Roads.

Mr Parsons pointed out that the depth of gutters across the roads became exceptionally sharp and deep after heavy rain.

He also pointed out that the depth of potholes on these roads were “capable of seriously damaging vehicles and large machinery”.

“Most farm machinery don’t have adequate suspension systems or springs to receive sudden shocks and impacts from potholes,” Mr Parsons said.

He praised the grader crews working for the Kimba District Council for always doing a professional job in road maintenance and for being “obliging in regards to grading private roads.”

Mr Parsons proposed that the council do more to maintain the district’s rural roads.

“I propose that council instruct grader crews to skim all potholes and gutters after every major rain event and also instruct the works manager to undertake regular inspections of all district roads,” he said.

In the September meeting, Kimba District Council works manager Michael Inglis reported that the council’s graders had been active following rainfall events.

The graders have also completed grading a large area as part of the harvest program in the northern and western areas of the district.

Last month the Kimba District Council decided to write a letter of response to Mr Parsons addressing his concerns for the condition of the district’s roads.