Market draws in strong local bids

Yarding: 5100

Young ewes to $196

Breeding ewes to $160

THERE was strong support from Eyre Peninsula graziers at the 11th annual Cleve sheep market on Wednesday last week.

Buyers came from the Upper North and South East, with trade support from Thomas Foods International.

The heavy downpour before the sale did not deter buyers, with many happy that their crops got to receive a good drink before the warm, dry weather moved in.

Elders Cleve livestock manager Mick Noble said it was a good quality yarding considering the dry season.

The sale-toppers were 68 Morley-blood young ewes which made $196 and were in from TD&DA Kaden, Cleve. 

RJ Norris, Cowell, sold 140 Glenville-bld young ewes for $192. 

Offering the largest lines in the sale were DH Turnbull & Co, Cleve, with 587 White River-blood young ewes making $180 and 522, 5.5-year-old ewes at $134.

The balance of 2016 drop ewes yarded made between $150 and $190, and were purchased by local graziers, these were quoted at being fully firm on recent northern sales.

Topping the breeding ewes was JB&JM Post, Minnipa, with 41 Moorundie Park-blood, 2.5-year-olds, at $160.

They also sold 123 Moorundie Park-blood 3.5-year-olds at $158.

The top 4.5-year-olds were from MR & S Zacher, Lock, making $148.

There was a small offering of merino wether lambs with recently shorn lambs, with the top from TD & KA Kadan with 100 making $94, while 86 woolly ewe lambs from RD Finch made $110.