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LETTERS: Please send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Please send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Disappointed by comments

Having read the article and letters to the editor in relation to the matter, I wish to express my disappointment in the remarks made by Grantley Siviour in the article, where he is clearly hiding behind procedure, protocols etc.

Why does one individual become so obsessed with stopping one project from happening and going to whatever lengths he can to prevent and hold up this construction.

In today’s world, we have major issues going on everywhere, e.g. terrorism, North Korea, the Ice epidemic etc, but now, in little old Cleve, his major issue is the building of a community based sporting facility that will service the community for the next 50 years.

The project is being put together by a group of unpaid volunteers who give up numerous hours to raise money and assist to get the project built.

The council has also backed the project but now he has gone to absurd lengths to stop the projects.

It is a sporting facility, a non-profit organisation run by volunteers, not a corporate organisation or private enterprise looking to make a quick profit for themselves, every cent going into this facility goes back to the community.

To the community of Cleve, back the project for what it is and for what it will provide for the district do not listen to parochialism, narrow mindness and complete fabrications that some wish to put out into the community.



Government needed, not parliament

South Australia needs to elect a government at the 2018 election not a fractured parliament, where the majority party has to continually acquiesce to the "self-interested" demands of elected independent, minor party or disaffected opposition members.

South Australia needs a strong government which can make and implement important decisions which the future of our state will depend on both economically and socially.

Unfortunately, both major political parties have ditched their original political platforms, whilst attempting to appease every interest group within the political spectrum in order to win an election.

The introduction of the "X Factor" at next year’s election will do nothing for strong, decisive leadership, but merely sentence our state to a government forced to make too many concessions and compromises in order to get any worthwhile legislation though parliament.

Our current opposition needs to clearly state what it proposes to do if it wins government, not continually harp on about the many mistakes of the current government.

Leadership is needed, not vote catching gimmicks and constant criticism.



Dark age of daylight saving

Back to the “dark” ages again for six months!

Negative for health and hip pocket with a 15 per cent increase in power usage during this time in the state of the most expensive power in the world.



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