Enter ‘twilight zone’ again

GOLF: Trent Rodda enjoying some twilight golf.

GOLF: Trent Rodda enjoying some twilight golf.

SHOCK news – Dusty Martin’s old man wasn’t able to attend the grand final, but almost anyone can get into the twilight zone at the Cleve Golf Club from Friday, October 13.

If you want to wash away stress and move from tree to tree as the “Arno Bay Doctor” gently washes over you, then Friday night twilight golf is where you should be.

Hit off starts at 5pm until 6pm-ish but given daylight is shorter than Winx at Randwick, I’d suggest you be there earlier for a few weeks to avoid needing to light up your iPhone!

The joy, or frustration of a quick nine holes is followed by lounging in the club patio sipping your favourite beverage while a slave cooks delicacies on the barbecue close by! So wander down as the serious winter stuff is over and it is bogeys and birdies for all.

Even if you do not want to wield a wood or chip an iron, come on down to hear the tales like how Trent Rodda worked out the elevation of a kangaroo jumping the fence at number ten tee block!  Gripping, I’m sure you will agree.