Sheep thrills for Crows fans

A ewenique sheep has raised the baa in the fashion steaks as it tries to produce a Crows scarf ahead of the Adelaide Crows’ clash against Richmond’s Tigers on Saturday.

The brightly coloured pet is far from sheepish in its new clothes.

Passers-by have made comment on the way it Levers other sheep out of the way in its paddock off Balmoral Road, Cockatoo Valley, doing its best to Laird it over the rest of the flock!

The woolly Walker’s owners have certainly gone out on a lamb to show their true colours and have given motorists a Talia to tell at the same time.

When the Herald visited, we tried to get some comments straight from the Sauce, but it seemed far more interested in some Greenwood on the Otten side of the paddock.

One thing’s for sure, you can Betts this sheep has planted a few Seeds(man) in other stock owners heads, and probably won’t be Sloane-ly for too much longer.

If you hadn’t herd, the AFL Grand Final kicks off at 2pm tomorrow and the question still remains: will the Crows win or will they be fleeced? 

Only time wool tell who the true Knights of this battle are!

  • Note: the Herald is aware this sheep is not bred for wool production!
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