Lock puts light on health

About 100 men and women came together at the Lock Football Club for a night of health education and entertainment for the Lock Health Night.

The Lock Health Centre Advisory Committee provided  fantastic food, great guest speakers and an entertaining night out with friends.

Guest speakers included Rodney McCallum giving a very personal and at times emotional account of living with multiple sclerosis.

Jackie Hibble from Mentally Fit EP spoke on relationships and how people relate to their partners and those around them.

Comedian and ABC radio personality Anthony Lamond lightened the evening with his comedy routine and introduced the key note speaker for the evening Wayne Phillips.

Mr Phillips, in his humorous way, shared many stories of his Australian cricketing career but also explained his own personal battle with depression and mental health problems.

Lock Health Centre Advisory Committee chairman Jamie Siviour said he was impressed by the community’s attendance.

“The attendance is amazing, our community really gets behind these health nights and it’s great that the night brings people together,” he said.

“They go home having learnt something and have had a great time as well.”

Mr Siviour said through the generosity of sponsors the committee was able to make the event free to everyone.

The attendance is amazing, our community really gets behind these health nights...

“We didn’t want anyone to say they couldn’t come because it was too expensive, especially in light of the current year we are facing,” Mr Siviour said.

Mr Phillips said he thought the night was fantastic and the community was doing a great job of raising awareness about mental health.

“It’s been a fun night and what a great way to get the health message out there.”

Each year the Health Centre Advisory Committee focusses on a different topic for the health night with mental health being the theme for this year particularly because of the poor start to the farming season.

Mr Siviour said for this event emphasis was placed on being there for each other and seeking help.

The health night was a precursor in the lead up to Mental Health Week in the second week of October.

As part of Mental Health Week, Lock will host the launch of the Rotary Men’s Wellness Campaign on October 12 at the Lock Football Club.

There will be a preview of the upcoming Men’s Wellbeing exhibition followed by a men’s health talk by clinical counsellor Roger Fielke at 7.30pm – both events are free.

For further enquiries and to RSVP for this event contact 8683 0072.