Letters to the editor

HELP: The Cowell Museum is looking to identify the people present in this photo.
HELP: The Cowell Museum is looking to identify the people present in this photo.

Wedding photo help

This photo was donated to the Cowell Museum and the following questions apply.

Who are the brides and the gentleman standing between the brides at the back?

Who were the groomsmen which are sitting each side of the brides? When was the wedding?

We are basically wanting to know anything about this photo, which may have been taken between 1890 and 1920.

Looking very carefully at the photo, the three people in the middle of the photo, i.e. the brides and the man, may be triplets?

Furthermore the photographers stamp at the bottom of the photo has SYKES OF BROKEN HILL.

If you have any information about this photo, I would dearly like to hear from you.

Contact Di Woods 0428 123 471 or jg_dh@bigpond.com for the Cowell Museum.


On behalf of the Cowell Museum

Where is the equity?

If I may, through your column, express my thoughts on the rights to have your say.

In particular regards to the letter dated July 9, 2017 sent to the Cleve District Council and included in the September council agenda, which can be accessed via the council web page.

This is the third attempt by me to put into words how this letter made me feel. My first thoughts and letter were not fit for public. My second was to dispel all the untruths and innuendos in the letter but that got far too long and boring as did the letter presented to the council, so here I go.

At first I was profoundly ill, I have never felt such a feeling of insult and worthlessness, but now I think I am in pretty good company.

The letter insulted the intelligence and work ethic of many people that I am happy to be among. Including the town chief executive officer, the mayor, all the businesses in Cleve, the people that wrote letters supporting the Cleve Sporting Bodies proposal, the CSB committee, which I am proud to say my daughter is chairman of, and the four councillors that voted in favour of the proposal to give the CSB a one-off payment of $250,000 to help rebuild their clubrooms into a Multi-Purpose Function Centre.

The council had previously received 47 letters in favour of the proposal and one against (from the same person).

How can one letter against a council decision cost ratepayers in excess of $10,000 in legal fees but 47 in favour of $250,000 expenditure be unacceptable? Yet the letter writer asks “where is the equity?” I ask the same question.

Why is it not okay for our district to try and get some “money for nothing”? The only way we are going to access substantial funding to develop a structure our community can be proud of, is to be creative and united in making Cleve the business hub of our district.

We have a thriving little town with some established businesses, some new trendy businesses, a proactive school and two resident doctors that most rural communities would love to have.

But we need our population to remain a steady united group, to keep infrastructure in the town to a standard that the young 20 something generation desire.

We want them to come, enjoy, stay, play and raise their families in our district. That won’t happen if we allow such basic facilities to disintegrate.

Please everyone that is in favour of our community getting a facility that we deserve, don’t let a self-appointed adjudicator be the squeaky wheel.

This is a project that is within our reach and not beyond our budget but it does need community backing. So unfortunately the 47 people that initially wrote need to submit their letters again and you need to ask friends to do the same. Don’t let the loud minority dictate what happens in our community.