Lack of support for speed limit change

Eastern Eyre Peninsula residents are not happy about a state government plan to reduce the speed limit on the Cleve-Kimba Road from 110 kilometres an hour to 100km/h.

​The state government announced last week plans to reduce limits on a number of regional roads including the Cleve-Kimba Road.

In response to a poll conducted by the Eyre Peninsula Tribune, 93.13 per cent of the 160 people who responded said the speed limit should not be reduced.

There were also a number of comments calling for the condition of the road to be addressed rather than the speed.

The Kimba and Cleve district councils have both spoken out against the decision, saying fatalities on the road had been animal-related not due to speed.

The Kimba District Council also raised concerns about the lack of maintenance, particularly the overgrowth of vegetation.