VIDEO | Boris opens up on Kimba, AFL

Corey ‘Boris’ Enright was known throughout his AFL career for keeping away from the spotlight, however he has opened up to Mike Sheahan on FOX Footy’s Open Mike.

In the interview, Geelong’s game record holder, who retired last year, discussed his return to Kimba Districts and his career at Geelong Football Club.

He told Mr Sheahan how he was drinking beers at a Buckleboo tennis tournament with best friend, Matthew ‘Gadge’ Lienert, when they announced over the PA system that he had been drafted.

They reflected on how he was nearly traded to Port Adelaide and playing in four grand finals.

In 2015, Kimba Districts renamed their football oval as the ‘Corey Enright’ oval, and he returned to the oval to play for the club in June of this year.

He is now a part of the development team at the Geelong Football Club and playing for Barwon Head.

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