More driver safety at schools

Cleve and Cowell students and parents get the chance to learn about road awareness when the Save A Life Australia program comes to the Cleve Area School later this month.

The sessions, which will be run on September 25 and 26, will put emphasis on the development of skills and knowledge to enhance young driver safety.

Students in years 11 and 12 from Cleve and Cowell area schools will participate in sessions, which will look at the consequences of not wearing seat belts, inattention, positive driving, looking after your mates and being intelligent passengers.

Save A Life also provides a parent session as part of the education element.

Parents play a vital role in teaching their children about driving and the program recognises the value in formally engaging parents in their children’s driving education.

The parent session, which will be held on Monday, September 25 from 6.30pm at the school, will focus on changes in road laws, how to be better driving instructors, role model behavior and how to keep P-platers safer.

The student program also includes a driving simulator, the first of its kind in Australia, which has has a major impact on how people behave on the road.

Save A Life Australia has found that out of all the various messages relayed using the simulator, the dangers of inattentive driving has had the biggest impact.

The Monday parent session is open to all interested road users.

The Save A Life program will also be travelling to Tumby Bay Area School.