Three flags for ER teams

B grade

WINNERS: The winning B grade Eastern Ranges after winning the premiership over Kimba Districts at Cowell on Saturday. Names in story. Picture: Kathrine Catanzariti

WINNERS: The winning B grade Eastern Ranges after winning the premiership over Kimba Districts at Cowell on Saturday. Names in story. Picture: Kathrine Catanzariti

Eastern Ranges 9-8 (62) def Kimba Districts 6-10 (46)

THE B grade grand final between Eastern Ranges and Kimba Districts was set to be a tough, hard and close match. 

Both teams had beaten each other throughout the year so who was going to win was anyone’s guess.

A fresh breeze had picked up from the south east blowing up the gulf but this just cooled things down, there was no real favour to either end.

Eastern Ranges won the ball out of the middle early to score a great goal through Tyson Kirvan and another to follow up with a high tackle on Nathan Gillings and they were off to a flyer.

Nick Pengelly responded with a sneaky kick out of mid-air to get Kimba Districts’ day under way followed up by a running left foot goal by Scott Redden and spectators were in for a great contest.

Brady Norris created something out of nothing using his pace to kick truly and at the end of the first quarter Eastern Ranges were up by 15 points.

The second quarter saw a much more even contest as the ball just bounced between both backlines. 

No goals were scored for the first 10 minutes and you could hear bodies being hit from the boundary.

Eastern Ranges eventually delivered the ball forward into Tyson Kirvan’s hands to kick truly and piled on two more quick goals before half time to lead by 38 points at the long break.

The breeze picked up that little bit more in the second half and all the play was on the clubroom side of the ground which made it great viewing for the spectators.

Kimba Districts kicked the first for the second half through Kurt Wright. 

Brayden Tucker thought he might slot one through as well and another came from Wright late in the quarter.

Kimba Districts held Eastern Ranges goalless for the third quarter and were coming home strong to close the gap by 17 points.

Kimba Districts had taken control and Eastern Ranges had to lift in the last. 

Tony Evans broke out of a pack to kick a great running goal to give Eastern Ranges some breathing space and Kimba Districts was going to have to pull something out of the hat as they were now kicking into a three-goal breeze.

Ben Shipard kicked a late goal to bring Kimba Districts back to within three goals but this was enough to get Eastern Ranges over the line.

Joel Nield was awarded his third best on ground medal in a row and Eastern Ranges had won the game by 16 points.

Best for Eastern Ranges were Joel Nield, Matthew Beinke, Grant Roberts, Andrew Kelly and Brady Norris.

Best for Kimba Districts were Brayden Tucker, Andrew Congdon, Luke Willmott, Scott Redden and Kurt Wright.

Senior colts

Eastern Ranges 24-13 (57) def Kimba Districts 3-1 (19)

The senior colts match between Eastern Ranges and Kimba Districts was expected to be a one-sided affair as Eastern Ranges had dominated against every club all year.

The first quarter was fantastic and Kimba Districts had obviously come to play as it was a very even contest. 

Bailey Francis was standing up for Kimba Districts with two goals to lead the team well.

A good goal from Kyle Leiblich saw Kimba Districts match Eastern Ranges in the first to only be down by 12 points and it looked like the crowd was in for great game.

The second quarter started and the game had two different teams on the field, Eastern Ranges ran hard and dominated the centre and Kyron McCallum seemed to be everywhere.

Jez Schubert was rebounding all of Kimba Districts’ forward entries and never missing a target while the younger brigade in Reagan Taheny, Tim Hannemann, Riley Evans and Jack Grosser did not seem to have anyone on them.

The game was basically over as Eastern Ranges kicked six unanswered goals to be 53 points up at half time and it was really about by how much.

The premiership quarter started and the Kimba Districts’ coach Brad Woolford had to do something with his team.

Kimba Districts won the first ball out of the centre kicking it forward only to land in Jez Schubert’s hands.

This happened all day, they just could not get the ball past the talented centre half back and the trend continued.

Eastern Ranges added another six unanswered goals with Riley Haines and Reagan Taheny having a field day up forward and it was much the same in the final quarter as well.

Seven more in the last and the Kimba Districts boys were devastated.

Nothing was scored for Kimba after the first quarter and the Eastern Ranges team just kept on running.

No one wants to see a grand final thrashing like this but the Eastern Ranges team was just too strong.

Kyron McCallum was rewarded with best on ground after a fantastic year.

Best for Eastern Ranges were Kyron McCallum, Jez Schubert, Reagan Taheny, Riley Haines and Kade Duncan.

Best for Kimba Districts were Bailey Francis, Thomas Klingberg, Connor Tree, Kyal Chambers and Max Glare.

Junior colts

Eastern Ranges 4-8 (32) def Kimba Districts 0-2 (2)

It was perfect conditions at Cowell for the start of the 2017 grand final day.

No wind and no dew for the junior colts meant that spectators were in for a great game between the Eastern Ranges and Kimba Districts teams.

Both teams had beaten each other twice in the minor rounds so the grand final was anyone’s game.

Eastern Ranges started well doing all the attacking in the first quarter but Kimba Districts were strong in defence keeping them out for the first half of the quarter.

Eventually Kimba Districts made a mistake and kicked across goal only to land in Cooper Matters’ hands for a goal.

With the ball back to the middle for the first time, Eastern Ranges, through Coby Dolling and Ned Schubert, won it out of the centre and moved the ball forward into full forward Cooper Matters’ hands again for another and Kimba Districts looked to be in trouble.

Parents were making a lot of noise on the boundary showing plenty of support as we were in for an entertaining game.

Both teams played well in the second quarter with no goals scored and Kimba Districts’ Cooper Haywood, Jack Lienert and Noah Ramsey keeping the Eastern Ranges’ team out of their forward lines.

Kimba Districts’ forwards did not see the ball in the third quarter as Eastern Ranges scored two more goals with a rare running goal from Tex Price that brought the house down.

Everyone was excited on the boundary as both teams battled hard for the ball but Eastern Ranges still were not satisfied.

Jackson Allen snapped a goal from in front after getting on his own and it was going to be hard for Kimba Districts from there.

The final quarter had Kimba Districts under a lot of pressure with Eastern Ranges attacking the goals often but only able to score five points.

The game finished with Eastern Ranges winning 4-8 (32) to Kimba 0-2 (2 )which was not expected at all.

Eastern Ranges’ Ned Schubert won the best on ground medal and celebrated in the centre of the ground with his team-mates singing the club song on the centre circle.

There were many great players for the Eastern Ranges side on the day but the stand outs were Ned Schubert, Bailey Matters, Tex Price, Cooper Matters and Kale Roberts.

Kimba Districts’ players that tried hard were Cooper Haywood, Jack Lienert, Noah Ramsey, Tom Modystach and Joey Lienert.

                                                                              Eastern Ranges Football Club’s B grade winning team pictured above: back: manager Robert Haines, club president Mark Hannemann, Rhett Morrow, Paul Dolling, Dylan Jaggy, Geoff Rissmann, Johnny Noble, Blake Nield, Joel Nield, Brade Schubert, Grant Roberts, Clay Peters (obscured), Taris Price, coach Steven Roberts, Andrew Kelly; front: Trent Harris, runner Matt Price, Nathan Gillings, Nathan Smith, Matt Hannemann, Ashley Butterfield, Tyson Kirvan, Brady Norris, Matt Beinke, Tony Evans and trainer Tina Traeger.

                                                                         A grade (page 16): Ports Football Club’s A grade winning team: back: assistant coach Paul Bammann, Brad Hannemann, Ben Lienert, Tom Davey, Ross Campbell, Bayley Dunning, Tom Clarke, Aaron Kitson, Matt Dodd, Sid Masters, coach Adam Davey, Jarryn Preiss, captain Brad Masters, runner Kalon Hartwig, trainer Kerry Smith, Caleb Prime holding Tex Prime; front: Brad Wake, Scott Masters, Evan Hunt, Nathan Hannemann, Ashley Masters, Max Fauser, Luke Harrowfield, Matt Parker and Tyron Bishop.