Eastern Ranges netballers win Eastern Eyre A grade flag

Eastern Eyre netball

A grade

Eastern Ranges def Kimba 42-29

THE A grade final was set to be an intense, highly skilled game and this was evident from the first whistle. Kimba scored the first two goals before Ranges found their rhythm.

Keeley Mason took two great intercepts and finished off with the goals, allowing Ranges to lift and be five up at quarter time. Kaila Kirvan went off injured but she worked extremely hard producing brilliant turnovers. 

The game continued with some great skills on show. Kelly Smith proved dangerous with accurate shooting and passes. Annie Burton and Lauren Simes showed great decision making and poise. 

This quarter proved extremely damaging for Kimba with Ranges increasing their lead to 15. Kimba made halftime changes. All players were showing some signs of fatigue. Anna Cant defended with everything she had, getting her hands over the ball and being a ready back up. Due to the intense pressure the game see-sawed with numerous errors by both sides.

Amy Allen and Erin Roberts combined well to get hands to balls and rebounded strongly. Kimba’s fighting spirit showed through in the last quarter, winning it by three, but the damage had been done. 

Best on court: Keeley Mason

B grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges 47-29

Ranges took the first centre pass but Kimba came out focused, forcing a held ball to score first. They continued this tight defence, and pressure from Kenchington and Hansen helped build a quarter time lead.

Ranges made changes and started with renewed confidence and intensity but captain Yates steadied the Kimba ship, and with strong driving and beautiful feeding from her and Wilson, Kimba goals were hard to stop.

Hannan and Redden combined beautifully in the ring, backing each other up and shooting confidently to extend their lead.

Both teams made changes in the third quarter and a couple of quick taps from Ashmeade in her first minute on gave Kimba confidence. The momentum was with Kimba, as Ranges settled into the play and with beautiful shooting, play went goal for goal for most of the quarter. Ranges had a big task to close the gap in the final quarter.

Ranges’ goalies continued to shoot well but Johnson rebounded almost every miss. Kimba’s Siviour and Yates were controlled with the ball and despite strong pressure from Ranges, found the space to Kimba’s goalies who continued to reward the team’s efforts.

A great show of sportsmanship and a top battle.

Best on court: Dani Siviour

C grade

Kimba def Ports 35-17

Having finished their last two meetings with a draw and a one-goal difference, this was always going to be good to watch. Following a convincing prelim win, Kimba were confident and ready for the challenge.

The game started tightly but strong defensive pressure from Courtney Johnson, Kasey Andrew and Kellie Hunt gave Kimba the upper hand and a three-goal lead.  

Kimba attackers began to take control in the second quarter with Lateisha Ramsey and Chloe Broad providing clear direction. Katie Eatts in centre was influential in securing Kimba’s half-time lead.

Ports defenders worked hard, putting extra pressure on Kimba’s goalies but Kimba had brought fresh legs into wing defence in Dale Baldock who worked hard to help turnover balls and the team continued to pull away.

Kimba’s Jane Mason’s height into goal defence made goals even harder for Ports and goal attack Lisa Schmidt dominated, taking intercepts one after another which were quickly converted. Kimba finished their successful season with solid 18-goal win.

Best on court: Lisa Schmidt

C2 grade

Cowell def Kimba 37-32

Cowell and Kimba came out fighting, with both teams hungry. Kimba started with the centre pass but both teams struggled to settle with the ball going up and down. Kimba settled first, scoring the first goal. Cowell fought back hard to lead at quarter time.

In the second quarter, both teams worked hard to get the ball down their end. Cowell took early intercepts to take a six-goal lead. Kimba settled and fought to gain control in the final minutes and closed the gap.

In the third quarter, Kimba shook things up by bringing on fresh legs. Kimba took the lead mid-quarter, which motivated Cowell to dip deep. By the end of the quarter Cowell led by two.

With the support of a fantastic local crowd and the ability to play as a versatile team, Cowell came out on top in a very hard fought game.

Best on court: Jade Kuhn

D grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges 45-44

In the ‘match of the day’, there was a fantastic display of junior netball talent, which saw Kimba reign supreme by one goal.

Ranges got off to an ideal start, shooting very accurately and making the most of their opportunities but Kimba stayed in touch and only trailed by four at the end of the quarter.

Kimba worked hard in the second quarter to reduce the margin by playing some great netball and produced some timely turnovers through Georgia Lienert, Tameka Beinke and Talya Powell, which saw them trail by only one.

The third quarter was when Kimba defenders Ellie Williams and Alyssa Cant stepped up and put great pressure on the Ranges’ goalies, which saw plenty of opportunities go Kimba’s way. Kimba lead by four at the end of the quarter.

Ranges came out hard in the final quarter not wanting to finish their season with another loss to Kimba and shot seven goals to Kimba’s two in the first few minutes but Kimba goalies Layla Moseby Read and Lilee Trenowden steadied and converted on the opportunities to keep Kimba in touch. Kimba’s Rebecca Clifford and Lily Venning were giving their all from the sidelines and nervously willing their team over the line.

In the final seconds, Kimba’s pressure was too much for Ranges and with another turnover going Kimba’s way they managed to hold onto their one-goal lead.

Best on court: Alyssa Cant

E grade

Cowell def Kimba 41-16

Grand final day started with the undefeated Cowell taking on the much improved Kimba. The crowd started to build as the nervous E graders were called to the court in what was the first grand final for some.

The nerves were present as the first whistle blew with the ball see-sawing up and back several times before anxious Cowell scored the first goal. Cowell’s Lily Fiegert had plenty of the ball and made it hard for Kimba to head into attack. Quarter time break saw Cowell just in front.

Changes were made at the break with Sienna Butson and Olivia Franklin providing fresh legs for Cowell. Sienna was straight into turnover mode and had three in five minutes. Olivia provided some good drive through the middle.

Kimba’s Sienna Glare read the ball well and provided good drive but Kimba could not get the ball into their goalies. Kimba’s Chelsea Beinke and Lucy Klingberg had to work tirelessly to shoot over Cowell's tall defences, Montana Schumann and Natashia Inglis. Cowell held the lead at the major break.

Cowell continued their player rotation and goalies Charli Barrett and Lainie McFarlane put the pedal down with percentages in the 90s. Taitum Goodyear assisted the goalies with lovely drives and spot on passing.

Kimba’s Jordan Zibell was continuously trying to get them opportunities but they were unable to capitalise with Cowell's defence being too strong. The last quarter saw some major changes for Cowell.

Mercedes Ramsey, playing her last game for the Cats, wanted a shot in the goals with cousin Olivia Franklin so she did. This made it very comical, having 12 attempts at goal before they finally sunk one.

Lily Fiegert kept turning the ball over adding to her tally, earning her best on court. Kimba need to be congratulated on the huge improvement made through the season.

E2 grade

Cowell def Kimba 32-22

Kimba got off to a great start scoring the first goal. Both teams fought extremely hard and did not give up. Kimba showed they had the skills to win. The tight contest showed with the quarter time score six all.

Kimba continued their strong defence and accurate shooting, getting off to a great start. Cowell came back fighting eager to get in front. At half time Cowell was up by four.

Kimba’s defence had to work extremely hard to keep up with Cowell. Cowell came out stronger, increasing their lead by four goals.

In the last quarter both teams came out fighting realising there was only 15 minutes left. Both teams were hungry for the win. It was a great quarter to watch as both teams had very good passages of play and put in 100 per cent. Cowell managed to come away with the win.

Best on court: Adara Chase