Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au. They must include a name and address for publication.
Letters to the editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au. They must include a name and address for publication.

No reassurance

Kimba has been debating the radioactive waste topic for the past two years.  

During this time the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and the Working For Kimba’s Future Group have brought to town many experts in the area of radioactive waste to provide “education” to those of us who are opposed to the development.  

The department has been making statements that no loss of value to produce or land values will be incurred should this facility be constructed near farming enterprises. They refuse however to provide any guarantees to back these statements.

The department may know a lot about radioactive waste but they don’t know much about my business or the business of farming. They don’t buy my wool, meat or grain so I decided to go to those who do in order to seek some reassurance.

I have spoken to grain industry reps, wool buyers, industry groups (both livestock and grain), stock agents, meat buyers, banks and universities.

Not one of them has been able to provide me with any statements of reassurance. Not one has been able to advise that my business will be okay should this go ahead. Not one. I can only assume they aren’t able to provide me with this because there are no reassuring words to give.



A thank you for your support

On behalf of the Cleve Playgroup and LilGym, I would like to thank Razor Sharp Roofing (Damien, Nathan and Brad Hannemann) who donated time to recently replace the roof and gutters at our LilGym building.

We would also like to publicly thank and recognise the Eyre Peninsula Community Foundation in Partnership with BP and Statoil who provided a grant of $1000 to put towards this project.

Thank you to The Cleve Community Projects Group (Cleve Apex Club) who also kindly donated money to put towards this project.


Cleve Playgroup and LilGym president

Political farce

The fact that our federal government will spend $120 million on the postal ballot for the vote on the right for gay marriage, is evidence of how far our current politicians and media are out of touch with reality.

In a day where technology is deemed to be the most efficient way to go, I find it incredulous that a simple online vote, using a tax file or licence number for proof of identity, was not considered as an infinitely cheaper, more reliable and much quicker option.

This issue has been foisted upon us by a vocal self-interest minority group and a media hell bent on pursuing an issue, which they have deemed to be of importance, when in reality the majority of Australians are more interested in wage growth, employment, climate change, health, education and their future.

To add further insult to injury, after the result of the vote is announced, our politicians can then decide to make a decision which is opposite to the one which we, the electors, decided.

Current politicians, of all persuasions, are bereft of any real leadership and too preoccupied with reacting to the demands of vocal, single-interest minority groups, whose vote they need in the future.

We need to return to the days, when the major political parties actually stood for something which they fervently believed in and the difference between them could easily be distinguished.

The home brand politics of today, has led us to the fractured and eminently weak parliament which currently exists.