Netballers ready for their grand finals

A GRADE: Ports' Leticia Masters looks to pass the ball as team-mate Hannah Woolford makes a lead and Kimba's Ashlee Francis defends.

A GRADE: Ports' Leticia Masters looks to pass the ball as team-mate Hannah Woolford makes a lead and Kimba's Ashlee Francis defends.

B grade

Eastern Ranges def Ports

In great conditions for netball, the game started with both teams shaking off their nerves and settling quickly.

There were some great passages of play and the first quarter was evenly contested with scores Eastern Ranges 13 – Ports 11.

Eastern Ranges made changes and quickly settled with the wing attack and centre feeding well into the goalies.

Ports’ defences were working hard but Cassie Elson (goal shooter) was on fire, shooting accurately.

Ports had an injury and had to move their wing attack to goal attack and bring on a reserve.

Towards the end of the quarter, Eastern Ranges made a few unforced errors but had pulled ahead to be 27 – 18 at half time.

Eastern Ranges and Ports made changes, bringing on fresh legs and this was effective for both teams. 

Eastern Ranges only managed to score one more goal than Ports for the quarter.

Ports had another injury, with only seconds to go until time was called, Ranges 37 – Ports 27.

In the final quarter, Eastern Ranges’ Cassie Elson (goal shooter) and Meisha Quinn (goal attack) combined well in the ring, piling on 17 goals to Ports’ nine.

Eastern Ranges could taste the win and played out the game with the final score being 54 to 36.

A fantastic team effort.

D grade

Eastern Ranges def Cowell

The D Grade Preliminary Final between Eastern Ranges and Cowell was played showing a great display of talented young netballers.

The first quarter was closely contested with both teams showing great determination and want for the ball.

Eastern Ranges went into the quarter break with a slight advantage 14 – 11.

Cowell made changes in the second quarter, bu were able to settle quickly.

Eastern Ranges defenders worked hard to create turnovers and their goalies were shooting accurately to be up by 10 goals at half time 28 – 18.

The third quarter was played with great intensity as both teams were working hard.

Cowell started the quarter well and were able to get some quick goals to decrease the margin.

Eastern Ranges then settled and played great team netball to be up 41 – 27 at three quarter time.

Both teams were playing skillful netball.

D grade final between Eastern Ranges

The last quarter was evenly contested. 

Both teams were playing skillful netball. 

At the final whistle, Eastern Ranges defeated Cowell 53 – 40 and earnt their way to play Kimba in the Grand Final.

E grade 

Kimba def Eastern Ranges

It was calm conditions when two excited teams took the court. Ranges settled quickly and played well to take an early lead. Ranges 11 - Kimba 4.

It was a more determined Kimba team who took the court in the second.

Their defensive pressure across the whole court was stronger, and accurate shooting took them to a two goal lead at half time. Ranges 17 - Kimba 19.

Kimba kept up the pressure during the third quarter. Ranges defences worked hard but their goalies were not given many opportunities to score.

Kimba increased their lead to 10. Ranges 20 - Kimba 30

Both teams continued to work hard throughout the final quarter.

Ranges outscored Kimba by one, but it will be Kimba going up against Cowell next weekend. Final score Ranges 27 - Kimba 36

E2 grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges

Kimba secured their spot in the E2 Grand Final after comfortably defeating Eastern Ranges in the Prelim Final on Saturday.

Kimba won the toss and had the first centre pass but it was Ranges who scored the first goal.

Play was quite even but Kimba’s strong defence all over the court gave them more opportunities to score and they took a 7 goal lead at quarter time, 9-2.

Kimba continued to play well and extended their lead to 13 at half time.

Both teams made changes and bought on their interchange players.

Kimba took a while to find their range but still managed to pull ahead 24-8.

The young Ranges side found it difficult at times against Kimba’s height and defensive pressure but they never gave up.

Kimba played a good consistent game with some great defence and attacking plays.

They now look forward to their grand final match against Cowell.

Grand Finals

Grand finals will be held at Cowell on Saturday, with the first game starting at 9.15 am, and the last at 3pm.