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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

By-law will change camping forever

As some of you have seen, our District Council of Franklin Harbour is seeking to introduce a caravan, camping and recreation by-law.

For those who have bothered to actually read the draft of this by-law properly, you would see that this proposed by-law does not “Basically involve anybody who has previously free camped now paying a proposed nightly fee of $5” as stated in the council newsletter but seeks to change so much more.

The draft states 7.1.‘Subject to the operation of the Harbour Act, no person shall without permission camp in an area unless designated or reserved for camping’. 

This means you will no longer be able to camp on the beach or any public property unless designated or reserved for camping.

Part 7.3. says you are not allowed to camp where there is no toilets, unless you have your own self-contained facilities. 

Part 7.4. says you are not allowed to use a generator for say lights or fridges or music between 8pm and 8am at night. 

Part 8.1. says you are not allowed to light a fire unless it’s in an area created by the council for such a purpose.

It continues on to state that if any of the proposed by-laws are broken your paid permit will become void and an authorised person may remove your camp at your expense and if these expenses are not paid to the council within 30 days they can sell your unclaimed goods to pay the cost.

Speaking to office staff and council members, they have argued this will not stop friends having a camp on the beach and will only affect tourists not locals.

Yet after producing copies of the draft for inspection they have agreed this is not what is said in the draft.

I am disgusted this by-law could be snuck in to existence ruining many annual camping trips until January 1, 2024. My lovely father-in-law may receive some grief over my speaking out against council but people need to remember and respect that this is my opinion and as a Cowell resident, I am allowed to voice my concerns.

I urge anybody who wishes to keep their right to camp in a public area like the beach, with a fire to roast marshmallows, to write to the council rejecting this proposed by-law before 5pm on September 7.



Nuclear will affect EP

Locals promoting the storage of radioactive waste in the Kimba area need to remember it is all of Eyre Peninsula residents who are affected by the plan.

As a resident of EP I strongly oppose the transport and storage of radioactive waste from all over Australia to the Kimba area.

I have not been given an opportunity to vote on the proposal, which I consider to be a highly manipulative process designed to massage public opinion and wear down opposition.

I am deeply suspicious of the manner in which this issue has been controlled by the proponents including compensation/inducement payments of $2 million to the community, the setting up of the Kimba project office and the appointment of a community liaison officer.

The inherent dishonesty in this whole process of public relations reassurance is in pretending that the community is listened to and that it really does have a say.

Where is the office with paid staff to represent the 294 Kimba residents who voted no?

Regarding the visit by Michelle and Brett Rayner to Lucas Heights and their commentary relating to a radioactive waste storage as being so safe it is no scarier than a garbage bin, if Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation is such a wonderful neighbour and partner to its local community and the waste so safe, why not store it at or near Lucas Heights where the experts and specialist technology are based?


Louth Bay