Ranges win tough contest

A GRADE: Eastern Ranges' Amy Allen defends Kimba Districts' Ashlee Francis during the second semi-final on Saturday.

A GRADE: Eastern Ranges' Amy Allen defends Kimba Districts' Ashlee Francis during the second semi-final on Saturday.

A grade

Eastern Ranges def Kimba 49-34

THE A grade second semi-final was to be a highly skilled match with a close result. Both teams came out with gusto and the game was played at a very quick pace.

The nerves from both teams settled quickly and the skill level and decision making improved. Ranges shot very well and led by three at quarter time.

Kimba came out strong in the second quarter but Ranges, playing as an united team, fought back to win the quarter again to be seven up at half time.

The third quarter was evenly contested and Kimba were shooting more accurately but Ranges continued their high work rate. 

Kimba made changes at the third break, which looked like they were going to pay dividends, scoring the first three goals.

Ranges settled once again and were making some excellent decision making along with patience to get the ball down to their goalies who shot very well. The game was tough, as expected, but Ranges got a great win. 

B grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges 40-20

Ranges started with the first centre pass and goal, letting Kimba know they were out to win.

The first quarter saw some even contests but with some top shooting by Hannan and Redden, Kimba finished with 10 goals to Ranges’ five.

Ranges upped their defensive pressure making it hard to get the ball into the ring.

All defenders worked hard it paid off for Kimba at half time with 27 goals to 15. Ranges continued their pressure, rattling Kimba but, with patience, they started to turn the game around.

The last quarter saw Kimba pull away to be eventual winners but the score line did not reflect the standard of game. Special mention to Kimba defenders who gave 110 per cent all game and fought for every ball.

C2 grade

Kimba def Cowell

The tally was even from the four times these teams met during the season, both winning two and losing two. 

Cowell started well and settled into a good team game, both ends working well and the goalies shooting accurately.

As the second quarter began Kimba settled better and pegged the score back to within one goal by half time, Cowell 21 to Kimba 20. 

The third quarter was Kimba’s winning quarter, intercepting and making the most of turnovers. 

They all made good passes and got it to their goalies, who then shot and rebounded well to get a six-goal turnaround to put them in front at the third break, 31-26. 

This did not mean they could breathe easy as they knew Cowell would come hard.

Kimba continued to play well and won the last quarter with some great defence and driving down the court, all passes hitting their mark to give the goalies their best chance to have their shot at goals.

It has been a long time since a Kimba C2 grade has made the grand final so a credit to all the players.

D grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges 52-46

In a closely contested match, Kimba and Ranges were even at the final whistle 42-42 and extra time was needed to decide the winner. 

Kimba started well, turning over many balls but were not able to capitalise, while Ranges shot very well and led by six at the end of the first quarter.

Kimba worked hard in the second quarter to get themselves back into the match with some timely turnovers. Ranges continued to shot well and still led at half time.

The third quarter was evenly contested with both teams working hard for every possession. 

Turnovers were happening for both teams but Kimba edged in front to end the quarter three goals up. 

Ranges created some good opportunities in the final quarter and pegged the margin back to even at the final whistle.

With all players feeling the effects of a tight contest, there was plenty of pressure in the extra time but Kimba steadied to be up by two goals at the first change and then continued the good form to win by six goals.

E grade

Cowell 45 def Kimba 24

The Cowell players made it back from camping to have an early start to the second semi final. Most were hit with the dreaded flu but still excited about lining up against the much-improved Kimba.

The game started slowly with the ball travelling up and down the court with both sides making footwork errors and unable to use the turnovers.

Cowell finished the first quarter with a slight lead, 12-5.

The second quarter saw Cowell wake up and put the foot down. Lainie McFarlane was pivotal in the attacking end, directing play and capitalising with some lovely shots at goal.

Cowell kept Kimba to just three goals for the quarter and held the lead at half time.

The third quarter saw the tables turn and Kimba were scratching away at Cowell’s healthy little lead, outscoring them for the quarter.

Positional changes continued for Cowell and the mood changed as Kimba were not giving up.

Jordan Zibell (Kimba) was fighting hard for the ball but Cowell applied strong defensive pressure, with Montana Schumann and Sienna Butson scooping everything up.

Congratulations to all the girls from both teams for a great display of junior netball. 

E2 grade

Cowell def Kimba 27-25

Cowell got off to a great start with the first four goals before Kimba got on the board. Kimba came back fighting and it was a very close quarter.

Kimba stepped up their game with tight defence and accurate shooting making Cowell work hard.

Kimba’s efforts payed off as they were up at half time.

Cowell came back fighting to regain their lead and Kimba came out fighting to keep it.

It was a very close quarter with Cowell coming out on top with the lead and keeping Kimba to only one goal.

At the third break, it was 20-19 Cowell’s way.

In the last quarter both teams were playing extremely well with the ball going up and down before a goal was shot. Both teams fought hard to secure their spot in the grand final. Throughout the whole quarter the scores were very close making it anyone’s game.