Ports taste success in the first semi-finals

TIGHT: Eastern Ranges' Sharnee Roberts gets the ball in front of Cowell's Hayley Fiegert and Zoe Gregory in the C grade semi-final.

TIGHT: Eastern Ranges' Sharnee Roberts gets the ball in front of Cowell's Hayley Fiegert and Zoe Gregory in the C grade semi-final.

Eastern Eyre netball

A grade

Ports def Cowell

COWELL had the first centre pass and goal in a very exciting game. Cowell shooters Mickey Siviour and Stacey Franklin dominated, getting a nine-goal lead but Ports did not drop their heads and responded with a quick six.

With no changes made to either side, the battle continued. Ports amped it up and found their rhythm. With Tamika Rehn’s new confidence and Bella Smith’s strong hands, the Ports shooters were unstoppable, winning the quarter.

The intensity lifted in the third quarter and the spectators were getting vocal. Cowell put Kyla Franklin into goals but Ports’ defence unit of Leticia Masters and Caitlin Wellfare continued their strong pressure and created lots of turnovers for Ports to capitalise on to finish the quarter with a five-goal lead.

It was still anyone’s game but Ports continued their flow. Hannah Woolford, Aimee-lee Elson and Abby Harris battled it out and kept feeding it down into the ring to extend the lead by 10 during the quarter.

An injury for Ports stopped their momentum and saw Cowell score a quick five goals. Luckily for Ports they had had done the hard work early to cement the win, 47-41.

B grade

Ports def Cowell

The first quarter was an arm wrestle as both teams shot accurately, rewarding good passages of play and making the most of turnovers. Ports were ahead by two at the first break.

The match up of Cowell’s Tanya Williams (goal shooter) and Ports’ Liberty Tuohy (goal keeper) was entertaining, with Williams shooting beautifully and constant pressure from Tuohy. Goal defence Annie Richter had her game face on and stuck close to the Cowell goal attack.

Ports made no changes at the break and the arm wrestle continued with neither team breaking away. Ports’ Bec Helling and Melissa Yeates combined well and were backing each other up with good positioning and rebounding.

At half time Ports had increased their margin to four. They brought on fresh legs and made changes. Wing defence Hannah Lienert did what she does best, cutting off passing options and making the wing attack work hard. Cowell’s pressure increased as they attempted to close the gap. Ports’ Prue Stringer in her 300th game settled quickly into goal defence, getting her hands to lots of balls.

Grace Chopin and Jasmine Piggott were working hard for Cowell. At three quarter time, the game was still anyone’s with Ports only increasing their margin by one, 29-24.

Both teams displayed quality skills under finals pressure and Cowell’s Meagan Franklin increased her intensity even more. Ports wing attack Chloe Wake and centre Tessa Chambers were poetry in motion with Chambers going hard for every ball and Wake’s ability to read and direct the play giving the Ports goalies opportunities.

C grade

Eastern Ranges def Cowell

The semi-final was set to be a great game with Cowell and Ranges on two wins each. Both teams missing players due to university open days meant filling teams with D graders. The game was going to be special regardless for Ranges mother Nat and daughter Sharnee Roberts playing their first game together.

The excitement started pre-game with both teams finalising their warm up when Ranges’ main defender went down with an ankle injury. After some quick changes Ranges still started strongly, converting the centre pass followed by three quick goals before Cowell scored. Accurate shooting from Ranges’ Maddi Allen and Samantha Wardle took them to 10-goal lead.

While Ranges stayed the same, Cowell made a change, which worked in their favour before Ranges settled. Ranges’ Sarah Noble, Casey Harris and Taylor Dolling picked off many intercepts building the lead to 18.

Changes at half time saw two D graders for each team on the court. Ranges’ wing attack Nat Roberts and centre Tash Rosenzweig positioned themselves well to feed the goalies perfectly and Range built their lead to 25.

Ranges made numerous changes at the third break due to injury and took some time to settle with Cowell pegging back a few goals before Ranges found their stride to finish strong, defeating Cowell by 26.

C2 grade

Ports def Eastern Ranges

In calm conditions, Ranges came out strong with the first centre pass. Ports were first to score but Ranges’ goalies (Kristan Every and Lauren Siviour) were consistent and accurate and their team moved the ball well down the court. Ranges lead by two at the break.

Ports’ shooting accuracy improved and their goal keeper Kelly Kitson and goal defence Jody Bray both made turnovers creating a lot of opportunities. Ports outscored Ranges’ 18 to five to lead at the break.

Ports made changes at the break and both teams came out determined. Ranges played well all over, to only be outscored by one goal. Three-quarter time score saw Ports lead by 12. 

A solid quarter by Ports, who worked well as a team. Ports’ shooting and defence continued to be too strong for Ranges and Ports won 54-31. Ports incentive award went to Erin Calliss in goals.

E2 grade

Eastern Ranges def Ports

Ranges jumped Ports from the whistle, determined, they applied pressure all over the court. Ranges defenders were very tight, forcing errors, turning over many balls with the team capitalising to lead at quarter time 14-2.

In the second quarter Ranges’ mid court continued to feed their goalies accurately and extend their lead, 25-6.

The third quarter saw both teams make changes, which had an impact and it was more even. Ports had more of a target in attack, which was a good combination and they adjusted well. Ranges were in front going into the final term 33-10.

Changes in the final term had little impact with Ranges’ shooters continuing to find space and put in a strong performance to secure their biggest win of the season 49-13. Brilliant passages of play contributed to a great team game with Ranges looking forward to the next final.

Great Flinders netball

A grade

United Yeelanna def Lock

Beautiful weather for the last game of the minor rounds as Lock played United Yeelanna. Lock had the centre pass and the ball travelled up and down a few times before Yeelanna scored the first goal.

Lock wing attack Melissa Morton and Yeelanna wing defence Kate Hancock fought hard for every ball. Both centres Lock Sophia Kraehe and Yeelanna Taylor Glover had a great tussle through the centre court. Lock defenders Laura Zacher and Sarah Owen went for and defended every ball, as Yeelanna goalies Cassie Norton and Tanya Habner worked well together in the ring.

Both teams remained unchanged and Lock improved their goal rate as Belinda Gray and Jordan Sladdin created space and moved well in the ring.

Defenders Tegan Modra and Chelsea Mickan stayed close to their opponents rebounding well and picking off many loose balls. Yeelanna wing attack Sherie Watson was having a great run passing well into her goalies, Lock wing defence trying hard to shut her down. 

The fourth quarter saw Lock get their second wind, playing hard to every ball as goalies Gray and Sladdin combined well to win the quarter 13-10.