Kimba run over ranges

TACKLE: Kimba's Bartholomew Stutley tackles Ranges' Tony Evans.
TACKLE: Kimba's Bartholomew Stutley tackles Ranges' Tony Evans.

Eastern Eyre football

Eastern Ranges 8-8 (56) lost to Kimba 14-12 (96)

MOST farmers got a good amount of rain for the start of August and it was obvious people were a lot happier going by the smiles on their faces in the beautiful football weather on Saturday.

A large crowd was at Rudall for the battle between the top two teams. It was thirsty conditions in the Ranges sponsors’ tent as the club said thank you for the support.

Last time Ranges played Kimba, it was the Corey Enright show but with the boost of key players back from holidays in the tanned Wade Mason and Brent Gray, Ranges were hoping to turn the result around on the previous game.

By the time the A grade started, as has happened all year, the breeze had picked up and Kimba kicked the opening two goals through Dion Harris and Jesse Kemp.

Kimba were away to a flyer and were outstanding in the middle with young guns Ryley Maitland and Mat Ramsey tearing up the turf to dominate the first quarter and keep Ranges goalless for the first time this year. Kimba 5-6 (36) to Ranges 0-2 (2)

Kimba were missing Dion Woolford and Joel Fitzgerald but were playing well without them. Ranges needed to improve in all areas over the field to be competitive even at this early stage.

Ranges scored a much-needed goal early in the second through W. Mason and another two through Kane Schubert and Rhyce Beinke as the Ranges’ engine room started to fire up.

The momentum changed in the second with the Ranges lifting their game to outscore the Kimba side by four to one getting them back into the game by half time, Kimba 6-7 (43) to Ranges 4-3 (27).

In the second half it was anyone’s game. Damien Hannemann kicked the first for the Ranges only to rove the pack a few minutes later to kick another as he inspired the crowd in the Ranges tent to bring them within four points of the leaders.

The leaders did not take long to respond with a great snap from Dale Rayson and this was exactly when Kimba decided to take control.

Ranges did not score again for the quarter, the breeze dropped out completely and Jesse Kemp was impassable at centre half back. Kimba 10-11 (71) to Ranges 6-3 (39)

The final quarter was a tough and hard encounter, a battle between the defensive halfback lines.

Scoring opportunities were limited and this was not helping the Ranges as J.Kemp was marking everything in defence.

Brook Seal did not seem to miss all day with two goals in the last along with another good goal from Reece Rayson.

Kimba was too strong, winning by 40 points but the biggest thorn in the Ranges side was Jesse Kemp.

Best: Kimba: J. Kemp, R. Maitland, S. Haskett, M. Ramsey; Ranges: R. Beinke, J. Kenny, J. Forrest, D. Hannemann.