Kimba 2017 flag favourites

Eastern Eyre

B grade

Kimba def Ranges

KIMBA started strong, their defensive pressure causing Ranges to take a while to settle. Ranges’ goalies shot well but Kimba settled better.

Kimba were desperate for the ball and turned many turnovers into goals. Cassie Elson shot well for Ranges but Desi and Kym combined well with strong team play.

The third quarter was evenly contested, going goal for goal with some great passages.

Ranges’ defenders worked overtime but Kimba’s goalies were a well oiled machine. Kimba were the better team and earned the “premiership favourites” tag.

C grade 

Kimba def Ranges 

Both teams were hungry for a win to boost confidence going into the business end of the season.

Ranges started well with the first two goals before Kimba found their feet resulting in goal for goal for the majority of the quarter. Kimba made the most of their centre passes and intercepts entering the break with a four goal lead.

With minimal talk on court, the players focused on their game plans, which was rewarded with accurate shooting, resulting with the quarter being goal for goal. Kimba managed to build on their lead.

Kimba came out with enthusiasm and accurate shooting increasing their lead to 10 goals before Ranges came back strong in the second half reducing the margin to five goals.

After a slow start, Kimba increased their intensity playing a hard and fast style of netball while Ranges attempted to slow the play but neither were able to make headway on the scoreboard with the margin remaining five goals.

Ports def Cowell

Cowell came out firing and got the upper hand, as Ports took time to settle. Cowell’s goalies were accurate and moved the ball well down the court, giving them a five-goal lead.

Ports made a couple of changes at the break and were more settled. Both teams shot well with good competition down the court and multiple intercepts. Ports closed the gap to three.

Ports began strongly in the third, finding their feet and bringing the score back to 20 each. Cowell regained their momentum and stretched the lead back to seven.

The last quarter started well for Ports, turning the ball over. In the last half of the quarter, Ports started to make a move and close the gap. It was 31-all until the last second as Ports’ Stacey Heath shot the winning goal.

C2 grade

Kimba def Ranges

Eastern Ranges won the toss and quickly scored the first goal by Lauren Siviour. Scrappy play saw play changing hands regularly before Kimba found their rhythm.

Excellent shooting by Anna Davidson and Joanna Nield saw Kimba finish the quarter with a comfortable lead. Ranges made some positional changes and fought back hard in the second quarter.

Pressure from Ranges reduced Kimba’s shooting percentage but they continued to dominate.

Conditions for play were a vast improvement on last Saturday although the warmer weather presented its own challenges. Throughout the game, goalies for both teams shot really well.  

Ranges managed to double their half time score in the third quarter and play was a lot more even.

Kimba made some changes and once again dominated play. Ranges fought hard to the end but Kimba proved the better team on the day, winning comfortably with 73 goals to Ranges’ 32.

Cowell def Ports

Cowell took the lead with Ports still finding their feet. Ports’ Erin Calliss applied the pressure in the defence end with Cowell’s Fiona Norris taking intercepts in defence.

Changes caused both teams to take a while to settle but both teams shot well. Lots of intercepts were taken down the middle by Fiona Norris.

Cowell continued their lead in the third. Both teams had some great passages with Ports’ Nicki Hutchinson as Cowell’s mid court defence was strong with Elle Wykamp taking multiple intercepts.

E2 grade

Cowell def Ports

Some great team work by Lexi Hutchens and Lauren Millard in goals, with Lexi getting the first for Ports. Fantastic intercepts by Elke Bammann and Erica Millard in the mid court. Great defence by Miranda and Erica Millard. Sienna McNab (goal keeper) picked up the ball and turned it over for a goal by Lauren.

Fantastic team work again by Lauren and Lexi. A few turnovers in goal by goal defence Miranda, with more intercepts and turnovers by goal keeper Sienna.

A great rebound by goal keeper Miranda, who continued to defend both the goalies fantastically in the third.

The fourth quarter saw nice leads by Macy Hartwig, and intercepts by Grace Jacobs and Erica. Great team work between Lexi, Elke and Macy and brilliant pressure from Erica and Miranda in defence.

Great Flinders

A grade

Cougars def Lock

Cougars played an all over defensive game while Lock at times were caught holding the ball not able to pass off due to great defence in the mid court picking off any loose balls and sending the ball into goals. Goalies Lisa Smith and Amy Green moved well in the ring, tightly defended by Laura Zacher and Lauren Carr.

Lock wing attack Melissa Morton made herself available for passes, picking up loose balls. Both Morton and Kraehe passed well into goals where goal attack Jordan Sladdin played strong and shot well. 

Goal shooter Belinda Gray put up some great goals, having a great tussle for the ball with Cougars’ strong goal keeper Belinda-Jane Moroney.

Lock played a steady game without positional changes while Cougars’ centre and wing defence defended every ball.

A reserves

Cougars def Lock

A competitive match with Cougars taking the win by four goals, bringing Belinda-Jane Moroney into goal keeper for some height in the third quarter and Emily Miller into goal shooter after being a draw at half time.

Lock goal attack Maddisen Kammermann and goal shooter Ciara Williams combined well in goals. Great, quick moving saw Williams get position for direct passing by wing attack Jane Pearce and centre Aisha Gynell.