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A nuclear alternative

On July 4, 2017 I wrote to then Minister, Matt Canavan with a suggestion on an alternative to the proposed nuclear waste storage which is under consideration in either the Kimba or Hawker areas.

The content of the letter, which remains unanswered by either a Minister or the relevant federal government department is as follows:

“Has any consideration been given to either of the three sites receiving only low level waste? We are told that 90 per cent of the nuclear waste is low level, and if this waste is removed there would be 90 per cent more space for the temporary storage of intermediate waste at Lucas Heights until a safe storage process is found? The researchers and managers with the expertise are already situated at the Lucas Heights facility. I understand that a great deal of research has already been done in this area and a solution for the long-term storage would be better found where the intermediate waste is now stored. The expense and controversy of taking the intermediate waste to another site at either Kimba or Hawker, with the significant cost of establishing a temporary storage facility, would be avoided until the long-term method of intermediate level waste storage is proven and accepted.

The acceptance of the storage of low level waste for the first time in a national repository, without the intermediate waste until a permanent solution is found would in itself be a significant step forward for a much broader section of our total communities.

We are repeatedly told that the storage of low level waste, if properly managed, is totally safe, which I accept, and this surely begs the question of why it cannot be stored nearer to where it is produced and used for the medical procedures and other uses in our major cities and regional centres throughout Australia?”

I know that there are others of like mind who feel that, if the intermediate waste was not to be temporarily stored at either of the proposed sites, there would be a much greater acceptance of the proposal. I am interested to hear if there are others in our communities who think the above proposal has merit and should be given consideration by our federal government.



Thank you for addressing aged care

I would like to say thank you to the Cleve Council and the councilors for the meeting on Tuesday, August 1 concerning aged health.

Forty plus people attended the meeting and many showed their concern for the situation we have at the moment.

Mr Doug Faircloth of Verso Consulting, using government statistics, said we only have just over half the places we need for the next five to 10 years, and in an open letter to the meeting, the nursing staff of the hospital and hostel have expressed the same concerns.

Individually we have little power but collectively and certainly with council support much more can be achieved.

Thank to all those who attended.



Tax will close banks

State opposition leader Steve Marshall is in the right about no taxing on the banks.

This would cause more banks to close their doors and create more unemployment.

The bank tax comes under the state Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis who has responsibility for creating the highest tax state in Australia of all state Labour governments.


Port Lincoln

Friends of the Yeldulknie Conservation Park

Agreement has finally been reached between the District Council of Cleve and the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources for the walking trail in the Yeldulknie Conservation Park.

The Cleve District Lions Club has developed the trail from the Mangalo Road, to the waterfall.

Signage is to be installed shortly to complete the project.

The fact that this walking trail has not been able to be linked with the trails in the Yeldulknie Weir Reserve by crossing private land (as proposed in plans developed by the Lions Club in 1996) is very disappointing.

The Lions club would like to thank Fred Enright for making the framework to display information at the start of the trail, Kieran Herbert for donating posts, Jodi Hannemann for donating horse wire to designate the car park, Landmark and Kevin Preiss for donating cattle tags to initially mark the track and Elders for donating iron droppers.

The Cleve Districts Tourism and Development Group is supplying the signage.

The Lions Club is concerned it will be beyond its members to maintain the trail in the future. Members would like to see a ‘Friends of the Yeldulknie Conservation Park’ group formed to maintain (this would mainly entail pruning bushes that encroach the track), improve, and possibly extend the walking trails.

Contact John Schumann or the Cleve District Lions Club if you are interested in being part of a group involved in such a rewarding activity.


On behalf of The Cleve District Lions Club

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