First win for Ports E2

Eastern Eyre netball

A grade

Ports lost to Eastern Ranges

PORTS scored the first three goals in their match against Eastern Ranges on Saturday. 

The wind caused lots of loose balls and turnovers, and blood injuries to both teams caused changes for Eastern Ranges.

However they were able to convert turnovers late in the last quarter.

Ports again scored the first three goals, with their goal keeper Caitlin Wellfare playing great, getting five intercepts.

Eastern Ranges had a good second half of the quarter, ending with a seven-goal lead.

Letitia Masters took a great few intercepts to allow Ports to close the gap.

Ports’ Hannah Woolford drove and passed well while Keely Mason was a great target for Ranges.

The wind became stronger causing many errors were made by the both teams.

Eastern Ranges finished off the game well with great defensive pressure all down the court.

B grade

Ports drew with Eastern Ranges

The appalling conditions worsened for the last netball games of the day with goals extremely hard to come by as gusts of wind blew what looked like on-target shots out of court.

Good intensity was shown by both teams with Ports displaying excellent pressure over the ball across all positions.

Eastern Ranges’ Bridget Johnstone impressed with a backward somersault with quick recovery to vertical, to then run on down the court.

Ports’ Hannah Lienert-Forrest was cutting off lots of passes, picking up loose balls and getting plenty of deflections, one of which blew onto the cricket pitch in the middle of the oval during the A grade football match.

Eastern Ranges’ Carmen Hampel asked the umpire to hold time as she followed the ball off court, returning a couple of minutes later.

Players were grateful for the rest but would have preferred to go without time on.

Quarter time score was 3-3.

Both teams made changes in the second quarter, none of which made much impact on the play, which continued as a battle against the wind rather than the opposition players.

Picking out a best player was difficult as it was impossible to tell if it was the wind or good positioning that was causing turnovers, especially at the far end of the court.

Ports were up at half time, 6-4.

Play was scrappy in the third quarter as both teams struggled in the wind to give their goalies multiple shots on goal for minimum reward.

Short passes were the only options that worked.

Ports’ Tessa Chambers, playing four quarters at centre, was blown into the goal circle and penalised with an off-side call.

Eastern Ranges won the quarter one goal to two, with Ports maintaining their lead 7-6 at the break.

The final quarter was more of the same, with the odd tumble weed blowing across the court.

Final score was a 9-9 draw, which seemed like the fairest outcome given the conditions and made the suggestion prior to the game that teams take a point each and head indoors not so silly after all.

C grade

Ports lost to Eastern Ranges

Play started evenly and well fought between both teams.

Goalies were struggling to get their goals in with strong winds but Eastern Ranges ended up being up by two at the quarter break.

Play was tough in the conditions with lots of turnovers on both sides. 

The second quarter was evenly played between the two teams.

The third quarter was another well fought quarter but it was hard going and low scoring.

Stacey Heath got a super goal from the edge of the ring right before the whistle at three-quarter time.

The fourth quarter saw great defence from Ports’ Bree Cummings and Eastern Ranges’ Sarah Noble.

Eastern Ranges came away with a narrow win.

E2 grade

Ports def Eastern Ranges

Both teams started very strong with even play up and down the court.

All goalies were finding it tough to get goals in with the wind.

Ports started the second quarter strongly with beautiful play in the ring by Lexi Hutchins.

Eastern Ranges dominated the second half with some lovely goals by Gabby Taheney. 

The quarter ended with even scoring.

The third quarter was much the same with Ports firing at the start but Eastern Ranges finishing strongly.

Ports went into the final break with a two-goal lead.

Ports came out full of confidence in the last quarter with strong play in the ring and beautiful turnovers from all defenders.

They managed to get ahead to an unbeatable lead and were very excited to get their first win of the season.

The coach was very proud of the girls during their first win of the season.

There is only one match left in the home and away rounds for the Eastern Eyre Netball Association before the finals start.

Great Flinders netball

E grade

Lock v Tumby Bay

Over the past few years the Lock Netball Club has struggled to keep teams in the seven grades, mainly in the senior teams.

Saturday was a little bit different as the junior, E grade was short of players. 

Instead of forfeiting the game, history was made as the Lock Netball Club played three boys in their E grade team to make up the numbers in their game against Tumby Bay.

A big thanks to the Great Flinders Netball Association for allowing the boys to play and to the Tumby Bay Netball Club for also agreeing on allowing the team to compete against their girls rather than forfeiting.

The Great Flinders Netball Association has two more games before the finals.