Finals getting closer

A grade

Eyre United def Lock

EYRE United took a 17-goal win after a strong four quarters by both teams. 

Eyre United goal shooter Hayley Masson shot well, backed up well by goal attack Kassidy McCallum.

Lock goal defenders Lauren Carr and Laura Zacher combined well, with Carr taking some great intercepts during the game.

Eyre United centre court players Stacey and Kaitlin Hier combined well and kept the ball moving, passing well into their goalies.

Lock goal attack Jordan Sladdin combined well with wing attack Melissa Morton as they attacked every ball and fed the ball accurately into shooter Belinda Gray who shot well and great team play saw them win the second quarter 19 goals to 11. 

Incentives: Jordan Sladdin (Lock), Kaitlin Hier (Eyre United)

Eastern Ranges def Cowell 

The first quarter in the A grade was the battle of the defence ends.  

Both teams were having trouble scoring from the swirly wind conditions and the defensive pressure was great allowing their respective team the opportunity to score.  

The quarter time score was eight all. 

The Ranges made some changes at quarter time which lifted their team.  

They started strongly but to Cowell’s credit fought back to be only four goals down at half time.  

Cowell made changes for the third quarter which gave them the extra lift and once again the third quarter was even.  

To the Ranges’ credit they fought extra hard in the last quarter to pull away to a nine-goal win.  

The game from start to finish was well contested and quite physical. 

Incentive: Anna Cant (Eastern Ranges), Erin Martens (Cowell)

A grade reserves

Eyre United def Lock

This was a great game by both teams with lots of even play all over the court.

Lock goal defenders Chloe Northcott and Hannah Zerk made the Eyre United goalies Nyrie Baillie and Ruby Flavel work hard for every ball.

Lock wing defence Monique Tebeck and Eyre United wind attack Debbie Flavel were attacking and defending every ball having a great tussle.

Lock centre Stacey Mellor, back on the court for the first time this year, played hard against Kristy Modra, both going for every ball.  

Eyre United goal defenders Sasha and Brooke Stratford were quick to pick up any loose balls.

Some great long bombs into the goal ring by Lock goal attack Kelsey Hurrell backed up by Ciara Williams as Eyre United defenders made them work hard, Brooke Stratford taking some great intercepts and rebounding well.

Incentives: Chloe Northcott (Lock), Brooke Stratford (Eyre United)

C grade

Eastern Ranges def Cowell 

Eastern Ranges started the game strong with the lead out to nine goals during first quarter, however it was short lived as once Cowell settled they fought back, reducing the margin to four goals at quarter time.

In the second term Cowell continued their run with great defensive work from Amy Oldfield and soon levelled the scores.

Once Ranges settled after their quarter time changes they used their turnovers and were rewarded with a five-goal margin entering the main break.

The third term started evenly with much of the play being goal for goal before Ranges were able to reward their hard work and convert their turnovers to extend their lead to 11 goals at three quarter time.

Ranges continued to show patience around the ring to work the ball into the goalies allowing them to maintain and build on their lead.

Strong defence from Ranges’ Sarah Noble, Megan Turnbull and Alesha Hannemann prevented Cowell from adding to the score for some time.

Cowell found their second wind in the second half of the quarter determined not to give up without a fight however Ranges consistency of strong passing and shooting allowed them to take the two points with a 19-goal win.

Incentive: Steph Brown (Eastern Ranges)

Kimba drew with Ports

Ports started with the centre pass and first goal of the toughest match Kimba has had to play this season.

Ports were very determined and came out strong shooting well.

It was hard for Kimba to rebound as the ball went straight through the ring nearly every shot.

After some words of confidence at quarter time Kimba came back strong playing their game and took the lead back.

Third quarter saw Ports take the lead again.

Changes to Kimba’s goalies saw them a little rattled and although the ball was up their end a lot the goals just were not going in.

Ports’ strong defence saw all Kimba’s missed goals quickly converted into goals for them.

The last quarter saw Ports’ confidence grow and they got away to a six-goal lead.

Just when it looked like Ports were victors Kimba pulled their fingers out and fought back to even the scores just as the timer went.

C2 grade

Cowell def Eastern Ranges

Cowell won the toss to start with the centre pass and quickly converted that into the first goal for the game.

Ranges responded in kind and the game was on.  

Early in the quarter Ranges took the lead, with strong play through the centre court and feeding well into the goal ring.  

Cowell fought back hard and converted some great turnovers to win the quarter 12 goals to Ranges’ nine.

Despite gusty winds, both Ranges and Cowell goalies shot well with a high conversion percentage for both teams.  

Players on both teams fought hard to chase up loose balls.  

Cowell continued to be slightly stronger than Ranges, extending their lead at half time to five goals.

Fresh legs were brought on in the third quarter and play was a little scrappy while players settled.  

Ranges defences put good pressure on Cowell’s goalies and despite them having more of the play, Cowell shot nine goals to Ranges’ eight.

Cowell finished the third quarter 32 goals to Ranges 26.

Cowell came out strong in the fourth quarter, increasing their lead by several goals.

Ranges took a while to settle but once they did they fought back hard.  

Cowell’s goalies shot well while their defences put good pressure on Ranges goalies, finishing the game with a 12-goal lead, 45 to Ranges 33.

Incentive: Kristan Every (Eastern Ranges)

D grade

Kimba def Ports

Kimba were too strong for Ports, winning by 32 goals in a great team performance.

Kimba started the match strongly and were dominating the game in the first quarter with some accurate shooting and great defense.

Ports worked hard to give themselves some more opportunities in the second quarter but Kimba were also playing well and extended their lead.

Kimba made some changes to start the second half and it did not affect the level of their play with some continued great goal shooting and good pressure in defense, the Kimba team were on a roll and working hard.

Ports continued to try hard throughout the last quarter and it was a credit to them to maintain their enthusiasm and commitment right to the final whistle but Kimba had worked themselves into an unbeatable position and won the match 60 to 28.

Incentive: Rebecca Clifford and Lily Venning (Kimba)

E2 grade

Kimba def Ports

Kimba had a good win against Ports in the E2 on Saturday. 

The Kimba side were on song and they were just too strong for their opponents.

Good passages of play, defence, as well as good passing gave Kimba more opportunities to score. 

Kimba took a while to find their range in the first quarter and the score was eight to two at quarter time.

Kimba stepped up for the rest of the game though and good defensive pressure by the whole team caused turnovers all over the court. 

Ports struggled to get the ball into their goalies but they continued to try hard all game and never gave up.

Incentive: Jasmine Beinke and Lara Hampel (Kimba)