Ports’ close win over Cats

100TH GAME: Ports' Ashley Masters picks up the ball in his milestone match.

100TH GAME: Ports' Ashley Masters picks up the ball in his milestone match.

Eastern Eyre football

Ports def Cowell

IN the B grade, a good team effort resulted in a win for Ports.

Raymond Whillas played his 100th game after playing for four clubs in three leagues and Kevin the German played his first AFL game.

C. Duncan returned from injury with a best on ground performance that should see him back in the A grade soon.

In A grade, the wind bottled up play in the scoreboard pocket.

Ports scored the first goal, closely followed by a miracle goal by Tyler Franklin through the legs of five players to get Cowell on the board.

K. Wildman marked unchecked on the goal line for their second and T. Davey snapped off the pack to even the scores. B. Lienert rebounded off the wing resulting in an S. Masters goal.

In the dying seconds of the quarter a misdirected kick resulted in an easy goal for R. Mills.

Big T. Bishop used his bulk to crash, fend and kick, setting up a L. Harrowfield goal.

Ports kicked seven consecutive points, which could have come back to hurt them. K. Smith presented well but was not holding marks.

D. Gray took some strong marks up forward for Cowell and set up another T. Franklin goal.

Ports finally found the middle of the sticks with a roving goal by T. Davey. A. Masters, in his 100th, showed that with some time and space on a windy day you can reap rewards.

Cowell hit back with a goal to J. Close then C. Hartwig for Ports kicked a goal set up by L.Harrowfield.

R. Campbell was pressuring through the midfield and T. Clarke provided plenty of run down the wing.

The third quarter started with some advice to Churchy, back after eight weeks injured. He advanced T. Davey to the goal line for an easy goal.

Ports got a run on with three quick goals before M. Elsworth-Smith pegged one back for Cowell.

After some good open football, play stalled in the dead pocket before teams scored two goals each to finish the quarter.

W. Piggott, who never has a bad game, was trying to lift his team with his efforts.

The last quarter started with Cowell losing a player to a yellow card but kicking the first three goals, two to T. Franklin. T. Davey kicked his seventh and Ports were kicking points.

R. Campbell set up an S. Masters goal. C. Everson, returning to the ground after 10 minutes in the sin bin, kicked a good goal to finish the game. Final score Ports 15-18, Cowell 11-8.

The MAC medal went to T. Davey with seven goals, one. Best for Ports were R. Campbell, T. Davey, T. Clarke, B. Batten and L. Harrowfield. Best for Cowell were B. Mills, K. Wildman, T. Franklin, J. Klingberg and W. Piggott.