Kimba hold on to win

Eastern Eyre netball

A grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges

THERE was a great hype at Kimba on Saturday with the return of Corey Enright and the A grade netball was set to be a good game.

Ranges got off to a solid start getting the first goal and rebounding well with Keely Mason’s height having a significant impact.

Kimba responded with turnovers from Lisa Zibell, accurate shooting and effective driving onto the circle from Abbey Hampel and Shylie Harris. Kimba broke away at the end of the quarter.

The second quarter was tight with Kimba applying pressure and good passages into the circle. Ranges’ Amy Allen stepped up with tight defence and Anna Cant got her hands to many balls. Ranges goals began to drop, with accurate shooting from Mason and Kelly Smith.

The second half was going to be tight and with changes to Kimba’s defence; they worked hard to increase their lead. With strong leads and accurate shooting from Ellen Zibell, Kimba pulled away but Ranges held on.

The ball went from one end to the other several times without scoring. Kimba’s defence worked hard rebounding well. Ranges came back but Kimba’s lead was too strong, winning 45-33

Incentive: Ellen Zibell (Kimba) and Amy Allen (Eastern Ranges)

Ports def Cowell

The first quarter was evenly contested, with Cowell coming out strong until Ports settled.

Ports were strong with their defence working strongly while the goalies shot accurately. Cowell had two injuries at the half time break.

Ports started the second half scrappy as Cowell picked up but trailed.

The heat left the players puffed, causing scrappy play after changes were made at the last break.

Incentive: Chloe Welfare (Ports)

B grade

Ports def Cowell

On a warm day Ports scored first. Wayward passes and missed goals caused plenty of turnovers. Play was even with Ports slightly ahead at the break.

Ports continued to apply pressure and pass accurately, with goalies making every entry into the circle count. Cowell worked hard but at the end of their best quarter Ports led by 10.

Melissa Yeates and Bec Helling combined well in goals in the third quarter but it was not enough to prevent a determined Cowell from closing the gap with the margin reduced to five by the end of the quarter.

In the final quarter Cowell stepped up the pressure and denied Ports scoring opportunities. They were closing the gap fast and won the last quarter but a couple of goals by Ports toward the end of the quarter put the outcome beyond doubt.

Incentive: Bec Harkness (Ports)

Kimba def Eastern Ranges

Ranges began the game with the pass but the ball traveled up and back a few times before Kimba scored the first goal. Kimba’s defenders rebounded well, and they finished the first quarter ahead.

Ranges improved their accuracy at goal. Kimba’s pressure saw them create more opportunities; they fed well to Desi Hannan in her 150th game and she rewarded their efforts with accurate shooting.

Kimba took some time to settle, making a number of errors that Ranges put to good use in the goal ring, and the three quarter time score line remained much the same.

The last quarter was an even tussle between the two teams, with some good passages of play. 

Incentive: Desi Hannan and Sarah Kenchington (Kimba)

C grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges

Ranges converted the centre pass into a goal but Kimba quickly found their feet and turned over several balls to lead at quarter time.

Ranges brought height into both rings at the first break to put pressure on Kimba’s goalies and defenders.

From here on the game was essentially goal for goal and some passages of play saw both teams working hard to keep possession and deliver the ball to their goalies.

Ranges were able to tighten the score but Kimba’s initial lead saw them win the game. 

Incentive: Courtney Johnson (Kimba)

Ports def Cowell

Both teams came out strong with turnovers up both ends. All goalies struggled in the wind. Cowell led by four at the first break.

Ports played well with some strong passages of play and managed to bring the scores back to even at half time.

Ports brought on fresh players in both goal circles, Meagan Llewellyn into keeper and Tyler Wilkinson into goal attack.

Ports found their stride and took the lead. Goals were still hard to get in but Ports kept up their strong play.

Incentive: Bree Cummings (Ports)

C2 grade

Cowell def Ports

Cowell scored first goal closely followed by a turnover off of Ports centre resulting in another. 

Great defence by Ports’ Jody Bray and Kelly Kitson was not enough to get on top of Cowell going into the first break

Accurate shooting from Cowell’s Bec Arnold meant they extended their lead to seven, despite turnovers from Ports.

Cowell dominated in the third quarter, all goalies struggling with winds and the heat really got to the players.

Ports struggled to convert in the last quarter. Cowell mid court worked really well and Cowell's Elle Wykamp played well.

Incentive: Jody Bray (Ports)

D grade

Kimba def Eastern Ranges

In what was always going to be a close contest, D grade did not disappoint. Both teams started nervously, missing goals and turning over balls but Kimba settled first and led by one at the break.

The second quarter was the same but Kimba began to make their mark and led by five at the break.

Ranges came out strongly in the third quarter with Kimba finding it difficult to capitalise on the many turnovers. Ranges got the margin back to two.

In the final quarter, Kimba’s experienced players stepped up to keep control and lead their team to a three-goal, well-deserved win.

Incentive: Alyssa Cant and Ellie Williams (Kimba)

Cowell def Ports

Cowell took off with the wind, shooting well and making the most of Ports’ errors, but Ports found their feet with great intercepts.

Cowell shot accurately but Ports fired up with great shooting by Hollie Bammann and Renae Coulter and pressure from Chloe Provis and Rheanna Peters. Ruby Cook shot well for Cowell with Lori Turner working well in defence. 

Incentive: Bree Alcock (Ports)

E grade

Kimba drew with Eastern Ranges

The girls took to the court in windy conditions. Kimba were able to turn the first centre pass and score the first goal. They had some smooth passages off play and ended the quarter with a four goal lead.

Ranges came out strong in the second and capitalised on Kimba’s errors to take the lead by one.

Ranges remain strong with defensive pressure across the court and increased their lead.

Kimba were determined to regain control and tidied up their passing but were unable to re-take the lead with the match ending in a draw.

Incentive: Caitlyn Francis and Daniella Yates (Kimba)

Cowell def Ports

The first quarter was evenly contested but Cowell converted better through the pressure put on by both teams.

Changes on both teams led to great defensive pressure from Cowell, who dominated with turnovers.

Both team defended the ring well. Cowell were too strong, running away with the game. Simple errors and skills let Ports down.

Changes allowed better passages in Ports’ attacking end while Cowell took advantage of their lead.

Incentive: Jordan Lewis (Ports)

E2 grade

Eastern Ranges def Kimba

This was a contested match with neither side being able to pull away. Ranges goalies shot well in the first quarter and took a two goal lead.

Kimba evened the score at half time but Ranges took it back to be up by one goal at three-quarter time.

Kimba started well in the last quarter and had opportunities but Ranges settled and seemed to want the ball more than Kimba, chasing loose balls.

It was a game played with determination and spirit but Ranges were able to hang on and win.

Incentive: Holly and Bella Woolford (Kimba)