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LETTERS: Letters to the editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.
LETTERS: Letters to the editor can be sent to kathrine.catanzariti@fairfaxmedia.com.au.

Money speaks all languages

It has been with much interest I have followed the debate and otherwise about the nuclear facility.

I thought people would be able to make up their own minds but that wasn’t to be.

A recent edition to the Eyre Peninsula Tribune had a letter by a retired politician to quote ‘All that glitters is not gold’.

If one may take note at the moment, a new saying could apply, ‘Money speaks all languages’ as the font page of the local paper proved last week. 

It will be interesting to see who comes up with suggestions of how this money should be spent.



Transparent nuclear information welcome

Thank you for the article relating to the Canadian science graduate and her comments on the creation of medical isotopes and the great care she took to not be drawn into the Kimba nuclear dump controversy.

As my district is now front and centre, for some a most unwelcome situation and for others a very welcome and wealthier situation, the need for honest and accurate information has never been more critical to the well being of all of us.

My key question which has not been answered to my knowledge is on the matter of “intermediate waste” and the long term risk it presents to our community.

For example, does Australia's intermediate waste, some of which is currently stored at Woomera have an active life of hundreds of years and possibly thousands of years and does the technical capacity exist to safely stabilise this material within the next one thousand years?

Most know the departmental officers placed in Kimba by the government were here to do the job of winning the political argument and to put down the “rebels”.

This excellent article pertaining to our Canadian visitor connected to our neighbouring community is a great opportunity to move from the political to the reality in a transparent and honest way to repair some of the damage done over the previous period.

I will simply continue to seek the answers on intermediate nuclear waste management technology, which has many decades of background and appears to have gone from the top of 70 potential solutions to being dropped from contention by the international community in recent years.



Thanks for Badge Day support

Thank you to you and your Badge Day collectors for helping make the day a success. Well done to everyone involved.

Cleve has raised $1021.60 which is a great achievement.

Every year the Royal Flying Doctor Service provides vital emergency medical assistance and essential primary health care to more than 25,000 South Australians. 

This means that – every 20 minutes – the ‘Flying Doctor’ is conducting an aeromedical transfer of the sick or injured to a metropolitan hospital; immunising a child or consulting at one of our remote fly-in GP health clinics; talking to someone face-to-face about a mental health issue; conducting a telephone consultation with someone who has a RFDS Medical Chest; or transporting and organ recipient to undergo a life-saving organ transplant operation.

Your support will help purchase much needed medical equipment and replacement aircraft to keep the flying doctor flying!


RFDS volunteer coordinator

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