Ranges stay in top spot

Eastern Eyre Football

Ranges 14-10 (94) def Ports 6-7 (43)

IT was a great afternoon for football at Rudall after a day of northerly cool winds it seemed to die down for the A grade match.

Both woofers were burning early in the junior colts as the wind blew straight through you but this did not keep the spectators away.

Both clubs were well supported and it was a big day for Eastern Ranges.

The game started well for Ports as Ben Lienert snapped a goal in the opening minute only to be followed by a snap from Ash Masters from a boundary throw in and Ports had the early lead.

Tony Evans roved the pack in the northern forward pocket to open Ranges account as Ash Masters was putting his influence on the game with a strong tackle resulting in his second goal.

Ports were strong in the first quarter and at the break led 3-3 (21) to 1-1 (7).

The second quarter started with a battle between the backlines, as Hayden Norris and Kane Schubert’s strong hands up forward caused problems for Ports as did a few snapped goals by the young Weiss twins, returning from Immanuel’s first 18s, which saw Ranges in front for the first time.

Ports regained the lead straight away with a clean snap from Scott Masters.

Ranges were starting to control the centre with the drive of Jess Kenny resulting in another mark up forward by Kane Schubert and Nathan Byrnes nailing a long bomb from 55 to put Ranges two goals ahead at half time with a score of  6-6 (42) to Ports’ 4-5 (29).

At the start of the second half Ranges wasted no time with a goal straight out of the centre from Hayden Norris.

This quarter was a battle and the ball spent most of the time bouncing from backline to backline as scoring opportunities were limited.

Hayden Norris scored his second as Ports were held goalless in the third.

At three quarter time Ranges had control of the game, up by 25 points.

Scores saw Ranges with 8-8 (56) to Ports’ 4-7 (31).

In the last quarter Ports had to lift if they were to challenge Ranges.

Ranges, through Jess Kenny, took the ball straight out of the middle to Kane Schubert and goaled.

Ports replied immediately with a great snap from Ross Campbell only to be answered by Jonno Forrest with a tough break through the pack and long goal.

In the end, Ranges’ run was too much for the undermanned Ports side but to Ports credit they never gave up.

Goal kickers: Eastern Ranges: H. Norris 3, K. Schubert 2, J. Weiss 2, N. Byrnes, J. Schubert, T. Weiss, J. Forrest, J. Kenny, A. Sampson, T. Evans; Ports: S. Masters 2, A. Masters 2, R. Campbell, B. Lienert

Best players: Ranges: E. Kwaterski, B. Shannon, J. Kenny, N. Byrnes; Ports: E. Hunt, C. Welfare, T. Bishop, B. Lienert.