Kimba fights for win

Eastern Eyre netball

A grade

Kimba def Ports

TEAMS came out hungry for the win as the game started fast and stayed very even. 

Kimba’s defence made it hard for the Ports’ goalies but they stayed strong and the scores were close at the first break.

Ports came out firing in the second quarter, shooting the first few goals. Tamika Rehn and Meagan Lienert had a good tussle in the goals but Rehn’s accuracy saw Ports close the gap at half time.

The second half was scrappy but Kimba settled first and scored a few quick goals before Ports lifted and kept Kimba’s lead to five goals.

Kimba came out firing in the last and jumped Ports early. Ports kept working hard but Kimba forced errors for Ports and ending up taking out the win in a hard-fought and fast paced game.

Incentive: Tamika Rehn (Ports)

C grade

Kimba def Ports

Ports got the first score on the board, while their tight defence made it difficult for Kimba to get the ball in the ring. Ports worked the ball down the court to their accurate goalies but Kimba stayed in reach.

Ports made changes at quarter time but Kimba remained the same and came out strong, with their goalies shooting well and defenders tightening up, making it hard for Ports to score. Kimba took the lead at half time.

Half time saw changes for both teams and play started even but Kimba’s tight pressure caused Ports to make errors, allowing Kimba to increase their lead.

Kimba continued their steady and confident play and at times shut Ports out of the game in the last quarter. Ports’ defence did not give up but could not match Kimba.

Incentive: Juliette Tsesmelis (Ports)

C2 grade

Kimba def Ports

The first quarter saw a competitive game but Kimba goal shooter Anna Davidson did not miss, letting them get in front at the break.

Kimba continued to dominate in the second quarter, while Ports struggled to keep up despite brilliant attacking by Sarah Agnew.

Ports picked up their game in the second half with great defence from Candine Turnbull and Erin Callis. Kimba’s Corinne Tucker moved into defence and played extremely well against Agnew.

Ports had a fantastic final quarter, with turnovers from Ports’ Kelly Kitson and Stacy Lawrie resulting in goals. Ports worked extremely well to come back by 18 goals but Kimba was still up by two at the end.

Incentive: Nicki Hutchinson and Kate Duffy (Ports)

D grade

Kimba def Ports

Ports put the first score on the board and Kimba replied with a goal of their own. Ports’ shooting was consistent but Kimba led at the end of the quarter, 

In the second quarter, Hollie Bammann continued to work hard and Rheanna Peters positioned well to make the most of rebound opportunities but consistent shooting by Kimba saw them extend their lead at half time.

In the third quarter, Peters moved back to goal attack and affected the scoreboard. Ports’ pressure on Kimba saw them struggling to connect play through the centre but Ports trailed at three-quarter time.

Kimba came out hard in the final quarter, applying pressure and capitalising on turnovers to extend their lead.

The Ports coaches were impressed with the fantastic game the girls played and were thankful to Kimba for the loan of two players to allow the game to be played.

Incentive: Hollie Bammann (Ports)

E grade

Kimba def Ports

The game started fair and even. Kimba had the centre pass but missed the goal, which Ports picked up on.

Players all throughout the court seemed timid and quiet starting the first quarter but Ports fought hard, playing as a team and took the lead to be up by two goals at the break.

Play continued and silly errors from Ports caused Kimba to mop the slops and gain on Ports. They finished their goals well and stepped in front to lead by five at half time.

The last half was a struggle for the young Ports team; the game got away in the third term and carried on in the last.

Ports errors led by throwing balls away and not chasing the balls gave Kimba a strong last half as they ran away with the game.

Incentive: Taylah Bennett (Ports)

E2 grade

Cowell def Eastern Ranges

Eastern Ranges got off to a great start in the first quarter, shooting a few goals before Cowell got one on the board but Cowell came back, scoring off their centre passes and turning over a few of the Ranges’ centre passes.

In the second quarter both teams were fighting for the ball and it was a very close quarter with Cowell coming out on top.

The third quarter was just as exciting with both teams scoring an equal amount of goals and Cowell leading by six goals at the break.

In the last quarter Ranges were determined and came out strong, getting to within two goals of Cowell but Cowell came out on top. 

Incentive: Kori Webb (Cowell) and Ava Jenner (Eastern Ranges)

Great Flinders netball

A grade

Tumby Bay def Lock

Tumby Bay had a convincing 60-goal win against Lock. 

Tumby Bay applied pressure all over the court for all four quarters as Lock found it hard to reach their goal end. 

Lock mid court player Jordan Sladdin attacked every ball, taking some great intercepts with Tumby Bay centre court players Chelsea Franks, Karlee Dunn and Shae Franks dominating.

Tumby Bay goalies Desi Franks and Stacey Curtis combined well in the goal circle and centre court players were finding it easy to feed the ball  in to them.

Lock goal attack Melissa Morton played well, encouraging shooter Lauren Carr as they found it hard to capitalise due to the tight defensive pressure from Tumby Bay. Lock continued steadily while Tumby Bay’s team work and passing into the circle improved each quarter.