Ports keep Cowell winless

Ports and Cowell both had a few key players out but Ports were the favorites, as Cowell was yet to register a win.

It was a scrappy, intense first half with both sides lacking polish compared to last time, with a great number of turnovers in the midfield for both sides, as well as a lack of forward penetration by Cowell and a lack of accuracy from Ports.

Ports were up by 22 points and Cowell were yet to score a major, a credit to Ports’ defense and interventions.

In the second half Tim Walsh took some ripper grabs kicking three in the third quarter.

Ports were still ahead in the final quarter.

Cowell attacked aggressively, desperate to taste a win, but the Ports defense were up to the task, holding strong, bringing them back down to earth.

Poor decisions were made by Cowell and Ports but a solid shot for goal late in the quarter by Tom Davey was enough to seal the win for Ports.