Submissions sought to change limit

Arno Bay intersection
Arno Bay intersection

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to have the speed limit on the Lincoln Highway at Arno Bay reduced, the Cleve District Council is enlisting the local community’s help.

The council wants the speed reduced from 110 kilometres per hour to 80km/h from just north of the Arno Bay-Cleve Road intersection through to just south of the causeway.

However, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) has responded to the council’s requests saying there is no need to reduce the speed, citing a lack of recent casualties on that stretch of road.

Councillor and Arno Bay resident Dean Sivour said he was worried for the safety of the local community and others who travelled along this section of the Lincoln Highway.

“It is only a matter time until someone dies at this intersection,” Mr Sivour said at last week’s council meeting.

“It will be one of our people that will have to get hurt before DPTI makes any changes.”

The council has now decided to ask the local community to make submissions to the council that can be passed on to the department in the next bid to have the speed limit reduced.

The council is looking for general letters of support, however, if anyone has had any negative experiences in this area, they are encouraged to include them in the letters.

The council is looking to make an submission to the department soon and letters of support will be needed in the next two weeks.

Community letters of support can be submitted to the council in person or by mail to the council offices or by email to