Arno Bay Dirt Circuit attracts 42 drivers

The Arno Bay Dirt Circuit held a day meeting at Rehn's Race-way on Sunday, which saw 42 drivers compete in perfect weather, pleasing the large crowd.

The quality of the racing was superb and a professional photographer from the mid north described the day as fantastic and praised the committee and the volunteers for their efforts.

Racing began at 11.30am with two heats of modifieds, 10 open wheelers, eight street stock and eight ladies.

The ladies class is becoming very popular and the quality of racing since its inclusion has improved considerably; Whyalla’s Kate Morgan was exceptional but Chloe Chenoweth and Emma Newland pushed her to the limit.

It was good to see Tania Cooper out on the track, as her late father was heavily involved with the Elliston Dirt Circuit Club and I am sure we will see more of Cooper in the future.

As usual the modified class was hotly contested, with Corey Everson driving well in the first round and winning easily.

Over all the placings were evenly distributed with all drivers doing well.

Brenton Harris and his three sons all got wins and Port Lincoln’s Damien Morgan was very consistent and hard to beat.

Josh Smith drove well but needed a bit more horse power, while Chelsea Kidd ran all day with the men and drove well as usual.

The street stockers were all very keen and rough at times.

Whyalla’s Ian Ellis was the most consistent and had a good day, as Pete Farrelley and Matt Newland both battled with him but his skills were too good.

Mark Baldock tried hard all day and was always in the top four but it was hard racing to get a top placing in this class.

Ten of the best open wheelers nominated on the day and the crowd was very impressed with the professional performance.

After two rounds, nine cars were included in each heat with racing that would only be seen at a state title.

It was good to see Ian Quinn have a good day and to see Brad Wake back racing and having wins in the third and fifth rounds.

All five heats were extremely exciting to watch and had the full attention of the crowd.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, July 8.