Ranges get on top in fourth quarter surge

Eastern Eyre football

ANOTHER magnificent day greeted players and supporters at Corey Enright Oval in Kimba on Saturday for a very competitive day of football between the top of the table Kimba Districts and Eastern Ranges.

Eastern Ranges took the points in both the junior and senior colts and looking at the budget many thought they would win the B grade quite convincingly.

However Andrew Congdon and his boys had other ideas and the young Tigers took the game on with a style of play that was very entertaining to watch.

They eventually won the match by a couple of goals.

A grade

Eastern Ranges def Kimba

The A grade game was a highly anticipated one with both sides missing key players, which provided some overdue opportunities for a few blokes.

Kimba Districts were looking to get revenge for the last time the two teams met, starting the game well with Maitland, Rayson and Vandeleur getting the first use of the footy out the middle and giving their forwards the first look at it.

Pat Jenner came off early with an injury and from the last outing between the two sides it certainly opened up the forward line for Fitzgerald who took full advantage.

Kimba Districts went to the first quarter break with a two-goal lead.

The Kimba Tigers started the second quarter into the slight breeze in the same fashion but half way through the Eastern Ranges clicked into gear.

Jess Kenny, Ethan Kwaterski and Rick Leonard started to get their hands on the footy first and Damian Hanneman was starting to enjoy the ball coming his way in a bit of a better fashion.

Kimba Districts closed out the quarter with a couple late ones to take some momentum into half time with a score of 9-4 (58) to the Eastern Ranges’ 6-2 (38).

The third quarter was a real arm wrestle as both teams were not prepared to give an inch and the tackling and body pressure was outstanding to watch.

Eastern Ranges notably were rotating a lot of players and you could see that a few of the Tigers boys were starting to feel the pinch.

Kimba Districts could only manage one goal for the quarter and paid dearly for their last four shots on goal late in the quarter.

However, the Eastern Ranges, like all good sides, kept coming and went onto start the last quarter only three goals behind the Tigers.

The start of the last quarter was a continuation of the whole day's play with players throwing themselves at the ball and body.

Ryley Maitland was working overtime and really bringing his team-mates into the game. Some good movement saw Burger take a great mark against two opponents and convert his seventh.

Following this the Ranges half backline started to tighten right up and prevent movement in to Fitzgerald.

It was like a switch was flicked as the Blue and Whites started dominating the play starting in the middle.

Time and again Kenny took the ball out himself and delivered to a team-mate.

There was little Kimba's backs, who had all had a reasonable day, could do as the movement was that quick and precise that the Tigers simply could not get a hand on the ball.

They finished with a run of six goals without Kimba entering their forward 50 and upon the sound of the siren found themselves victorious by 13 points.

In a really good game of football Kimba would have been bitterly disappointed to have controlled the game for so long only to be run over the top of in the last quarter.

The Ranges however look to be a side that when they turn it on their speed and skills are going to take some stopping.

For the winners Jess Kenny was everywhere, Ethan Kwaterski is showing he is going to be a good player while Mick Nobel and Damian Hannaman did what they do every week.

Ryley Maitland was Kimba's best followed by the big bald fella at full forward who finished with seven along with Nick Pengelley, Kev Dart and Andrew ‘Panda’ Vandeleur rounding out the best players.

A mention must also go to Dylan Harradine on his first crack at umpiring the A grade.

The Eastern Ranges will now face off against Cowell Cats next week and look to build on their impressive start to the season

While Kimba Districts, with a couple more injury concerns and unavailability, will travel to Arno Bay to try and keep their grip on second spot as they play Ports. 

Eastern Ranges and Kimba Districts will next meet on July 22 again at Corey Enright Oval, Kimba.

Kimba Districts will look to get the win with the help of Kimba export and Geelong legend Corey Enright, returning to his boyhood team, for a one-off game.