Great weather for golf in Lock

Golfers played a stroke round in Lock with the men competing in the first round of the Hitchcock Trophy while ladies played the opening round of their Championships. 

The dry conditions allowed for good scores, resulting in several players breaking their handicaps.

Brad Harris with 85/58 was best for the men closely followed by Andrew Heath with 84/62. 

Long drive on eight was won by Andrew Heath and Brad Harris won nearest the pin on five. 

Birdies were scored by Andrew Heath on three and nine, and Brad Harris on 15.

Philippa Collins with 96/63 was best for the ladies and also won the long drive on 18.

In the end, the men’s scores were B. Harris 85/58, A. Heath 84/62, A.J. Michael 101/65, N. Siviour 88/67, S. Pearce 99/69, D. Cummins 98/83, K. Brown 118/86, J. Noble DNF, while the ladies’ scores were P. Collins 96/63, V. Mundy 96/70.