Ranges take it up to Ports

A Grade: Port's Bella Smith chases after a loose ball during the tight A Grade match against Eastern Ranges.

A Grade: Port's Bella Smith chases after a loose ball during the tight A Grade match against Eastern Ranges.

A grade

Ranges def Ports 40-37

PORTS were the first to score but Ranges replied with sharp shooting and strong defence, giving them the lead.

Ports settled and evened the scoring, leaving the margin at four.

The second quarter was evenly contested, going goal for goal but two intercepts from Beck Harkness gave Ports the chance to close the gap however Ranges’ strong defence made it difficult for Ports to score.

Ports’ defence down the court leveled the scores in the third quarter, however, an injury for Ports allowed Ranges to get up two at three-quarter time.

While Ports were able to lessen the margin to one early in the fourth, Ranges’ strong defence and accurate shooting allowed them to kick away and win in a close contest.

Incentive: Tamika Rehn and Aimee-Lee Elson (Ports) and Amy Allen (Eastern Ranges) 

B grade

Ports def Ranges 40-32

Ports’ hard defence in the mid court saw Ports’ Rebecca Helling break the seal and sink the first goal. From then on it was one for one with Ranges’ player, Cassandra Elson shooting cleanly.

The second quarter had a scrappy start with both sides a bit loose with passes as both teams’ defences were putting in the hard yards with Ranges finding momentum quicker than Ports.

The third quarter opened with a determined Ranges team hitting the courts with Sophie Dolling exhibiting maturing and strong hands through the centre court.

In the final quarter intense pressure was applied from both teams, with Ranges making a last ditch effort to close the gap.

Anna Cant moved into mid court for Ranges and created turnovers but it was not enough and accurate shooting and defence by Ports saw them take out the win.

Incentive: Liberty Tuohy and Lisa Traeger (Ports) and Carmen Hampel (Ranges)

C grade

Ports def Ranges 41-29

Both teams took a while to settle, as the ball went up and down without conversion but Ports accuracy in goals gave them the lead.

Ranges forced Ports to make mistakes and worked well as a team, decreasing the margin but Ports fought hard to hold their lead.

Ports brought on fresh legs at half time but an injury forced more changes as Ranges worked hard to close the gap. Ports lifted and scored quick goals toward the end of the quarter.

The fourth quarter saw play stay even, with defence working hard but Ports’ goalies improved, going to win by 12 goals.

Incentive: Hannah Lienert (Pfitzner) (Ports) and Casey Harris (Ranges)

C2 grade

Ports def Ranges 27-20

Ports started well with lots of turnovers but Ranges found their rhythm and were more consistent, giving them the lead.

Second quarter saw Ports’ defence very tight, helping to bring the ball into attack, where the goalies converted and they took the lead from the Ranges.

Ports got off to a great start in the second half with good shooting. Ranges worked hard but could not get their goals in and Ports were able to increase their lead.

Ranges came out firing in the final quarter and scored a quick few goals but Ports did not give up as they worked hard to stop every ball, winning by seven.

Incentive: Candice Turnbull (Ports) and Rachelle Hannemann (Ranges)

D grade

Ranges def Ports 85-47

This high scoring game reflected the skills of both teams’ shooters as the game was all about who could get the ball down and into the goalies with both teams struggling with the mid court play.

Ports player, Montana Johnson showed grit and determination in the centre third and worked hard to earn her incentive award for the game.

Jordan Lewis slowed Maddi Allen down with smart defence in the last quarter.

A high level of skill was displayed by both teams and as Ports continues to grow their young players, these clashes will keep being high scoring and entertaining.

Incentive: Montana Johnson (Ports) and Taylor Dolling (Ranges)

E grade

Ranges def Ports 32-11

Ports started well, scoring a couple of quick goals then Ranges settled and pegged a few more goals back to take the lead.

Pressure was hard all down the court.

Ports were very slow throughout the game and Ranges were too strong when attacking the ball, winning most contests.

Half time was still a fair game but after that the knowledge and intensity of Ranges gave them the run and they outscored Ports in the ring.

Incentive: Renae Coulter (Ports) and Ashton Hampel (Ranges)

E2 grade 

Ranges def Ports 33-12

Both teams moved the ball well but the Ranges’ shooters took full advantages with few misses although Ports’ keeper Millie Evans cut off a lot of the passes.

The second quarter was the battle of the defences as Ports’ Lauren and Miranda Millard moved to goal defence and goal keeper, making the Ranges’ shooter nervous as they applied pressure.

Ranges started strong in the third, as the Millard girls were moved to the other end of the court, allowing goalies to get the ball easily and get the goals.

Fourth quarter saw Ports start well with most of the play but struggle to get past the Ranges’ defence. 

Ranges went on to win by 21 goals.

Incentive: Grace Jacobs (Ports) and Leni Richardson and Gabrielle Taheny (Ranges)

F grade

Incentive: Elka Hartwig (Ports) and Sorayah Quinn (Ranges)