Lincoln dominate carnival

Port Lincoln took out the under 13, under 15 and under 17 shields at the Regional Netball Carnival held at Lock on Sunday.  

The carnival consisted of teams from Great Flinders, Eastern Eyre, Port Lincoln, Mid West and Far West.

Despite the weather, it was a great day with some excellent games played by all grades as they adjusted to the rain and wet courts playing their best to make the finals and take home the shields.

The under 13 final was played between Port Lincoln and Great Flinders with Port Lincoln taking out the honours by two goals.

An evenly fought first half of the game, with fairly even play down the court, Port Lincoln played a tight defensive game, making Great Flinders fight hard for every ball.

Port Lincoln’s goal defence took some great intercepts in the goal ring.

Great Flinders used long passes through the centre court, while the Great Flinders’ wing attack made her opponent fight for every ball.

Great Flinders goal attack, shooting steady, combined well with the goal shooter as the Port Lincoln goal shooter put up some great shots under the pressure of the Great Flinders defences.

Great Flinders made a few errors in the centre court, which Port Lincoln capitalised on and sent the ball straight to their goal end.

After a false start to the under 15 match that held up play, the game between Eastern Eyre and Port Lincoln finally started. Port Lincoln came out on top winning by 20 goals.

Port Lincoln started off fast after having a warm up, playing five minutes beforehand.

Eastern Eyre made it easy for Port Lincoln to intercept balls through the centre court, sending the ball directly to their goal end where their goal attack shot well.

Eastern Eyre started making lots of long quick passes down the court but Port Lincoln led by 12 at half time

A few unforced errors down the court by both teams saw the centre court players continually grab at any loose ball.

Unforced errors by Eastern Eyre were capitalised on and Port Lincoln’s ring defenders defended well in the ring, picking up many missed goals.

The under 17 match was played between Great Flinders and Port Lincoln with Port Lincoln overall winners 31-29 after tying at the end of the game, and having to play an extra two six-minute quarters.

A close first quarter saw all players attack every ball.

Tight defence by Great Flinders throughout the centre court saw Port Lincoln make strong direct passes.

Great Flinders were combining well in the goal circle, playing hard against the Lincoln strong defenders with the Lincoln goal keeper reading the ball well and taking some quick clean intercepts.

Play continued in the second quarter with both teams playing well. Great Flinders tightened up their mid court defence and Port Lincoln worked the ball down the court with precise passes.

Time on saw Port Lincoln come back onto the court determined to take the win, passing and shooting well with great defensive pressure all down the court.

Great Flinders continued their strong play and great teamwork, making a few unforced errors which Lincoln capitalised on sending the ball straight to their goal end where their goalies shot well.

Great Flinders took home the A grade shield against Eastern Eyre, 17 -15.

There was even play all over the court with everyone attacking and defending every ball.

Great Flinders’ wing attack took some great passes, defended tightly by Eastern Eyre wing defence, with the ball moving quickly down the court.

Both teams’ goalies and defenders played hard, fighting for every ball but it was Great Flinders up by three goals at half time.

All players put the pressure on down the court and goalies found it hard in the circle as the defenders went for every ball hard.

Great Flinders’ defenders were putting the pressure on in the goal circle, rebounding any missed goals in a great spectator’s game.

The A grade Top Ten players of the carnival were: Port Lincoln: Jodie Saunders, Ilka Curtis, Mikaela Eatts, Casey Grenfell, Stella Reidy, Ellie Cooper; Great Flinders: Lisa Smith, Cassie Norton, Ana Ackland; and Eastern Eyre: Lauren Simes.