Country living versus city living

Thank you: The past fortnight in Cleve has been amazing and I'm so grateful for everyone being so welcoming.

Thank you: The past fortnight in Cleve has been amazing and I'm so grateful for everyone being so welcoming.

This week, I contemplated writing my column on the world events right now, such as, Schapelle Corby’s release, the Manchester bombing and just Donald Trump in general, but I thought it might be a bit too deep for my first ‘official’ column.

So instead, I decided I would write about all the differences and similarities between country living and city living that I have noticed during my two weeks living in Cleve.

Firstly, as a chronic sufferer of road rage, I have thoroughly enjoyed driving throughout the Eastern Eyre but I did get a little scared while driving from Cleve to Kimba for the first time, thinking I had gotten myself lost.

However, I am worried how the lack of traffic will affect my driving when I go back to Adelaide.

I don’t think I will be able to cope with traffic, however, I won’t be dreading having to drive long distances as much.

While driving around the area has been relatively enjoyable, I have been troubled by the fact I can’t pick up my usual radio stations in the car and I’m constantly forgetting to bring my phone cord so I can listen to my music, which has not been updated in quite a long time.

Which reminds me, if you see me dancing, – I mean performing – as I drive around, please do not judge me, it is a completely normal past time in Adelaide.

My favourite thing by far about living in the country is Saturday football and netball, which you may have guessed after my column last week.

In Adelaide, netball and football is separate and you generally just go to your game, play and go home, unless you’re one of the few that umpire or coach.

There’s no supporting other teams, unless it’s finals or the club has gone to a carnival and you have no choice.

In country sport, it’s the complete opposite, sport is what you look forward to during winter, especially when there’s no rain around.

I understand that the social scene in Adelaide is a bit more exciting compared to Cleve but everyone still braves the cold weather to catch up after the games.

It is something that, after living in the city for 21 years, is so refreshing to see and experience.

I look forward to my knee injury to sort itself out so I can get into the thick of it.

Kathrine Catanzariti

Eyre Peninsula Tribune journalist