Kimba teams stay strong

A grade

Eastern Ranges def Cowell 

SATURDAY was very windy, but the defenders all worked hard and gave both teams the opportunities to score with turnovers.

The second quarter saw the Ranges work hard all over the court due to the conditions and it paid off, increasing their lead at half time.

The third quarter saw the rain which made the court quite slippery and this slowed the game and this quarter was very low scoring.

In the last quarter the Ranges came out determined and they came out on top.

Incentive winner: Erin Roberts (Eastern Ranges)

Kimba def Ports

Kimba got off to a great start with excellent shooting and tight pressure through the whole court while Ports shot accurately but were limited to only five shots at goal, as Kimba led by nine at the first break.

The second quarter was more even with both teams shooting well particularly Ports’ Bella Smith and Kimba’s Ellen Zibell for Kimba.

Ports worked hard to move the ball into the ring cleanly and quickly and their defenders were moving well and providing the pressure needed on Kimba’s goalies but with excellent passing from Kimba they just got ahead to lead by 23 to 12 at half time.

Ports brought Chloe Wake into WA and Kimba brought Meagan Lienert into defence for the second half.

Krystal Mills continued to apply excellent pressure at the defence end and clear the ball well into attack.

Ports goalies moved well and capitalised on opportunities but Kimba continued to lead 34 to 20 at the last break.

Kimba dominated the last quarter turning balls over across the whole court and forcing Ports to make mistakes.

Shylie Harris and Abbey Hampel continued to drive well and feed the goalies with accurate passing, as Kimba won 49 to 27.

Incentive winner: Abbey Hampel (Kimba)

B grade

Eastern Ranges def Cowell

Both teams overcame the wind to play an even match, capitalising on turnovers but Ranges led at quarter time.

Cowell’s goalies were very accurate, and their defenders made it hard for Ranges to get in the ring but the Ranges’ persistence paid off, leading at half time.

The third quarter was tight, which caused both teams to make mistakes and lots of turnovers, however the margin stayed the same.

Under extreme weather conditions in the fourth quarter, Ranges stayed strong and continued to extend their lead and won the game by 20.

Incentive winner: Anna Cant (Eastern Ranges)

Kimba def Ports

Kimba started the game with a turnover and came out strong in the first quarter with great feeding into the ring.

However, Ports continued with strong defense in the ring, making the Kimba goalies work hard for the ball, but at half time, Kimba was still on top.

Ports had some accurate goals, however Kimba continued to pull away with the lead increasing each quarter. 

Incentive: Kellie Wilson (Kimba)

C grade

Kimba def Ports

After a strong first half, the home team had to work hard to maintain their undefeated position.

Kimba shot accurately in the windy conditions and the extra height and defensive skills of their newest goalie kept rebounds in their hands.

Kimba’s Courtney Johnson took several intercepts which were quickly sent down the court and converted to goals and Kimba went into the second half with a solid lead.

Ports’ defence put extra pressure on Kimba’s goalies in the second half and some good passages of play saw Ports double their half time tally by the break.

Ports continued their efforts in the final quarter, however Kimba’s early lead and fight saw the home team with the game.

Incentive: Latiesha Ramsey and Courtney Johnson (Kimba)

C2 grade

Kimba def Ports

Kimba hit the lead early with a fantastic team game, everyone on the court played their part and it showed on the scoreboard, Kimba was ahead at the half time break. 

Kimba made quite a few changes and mixed it up a bit which allowed Ports to come back at them slightly but to Kimba’s credit, they held them in the third quarter, leading by 20 at the break. 

So the last quarter was Ports, they came out and their goalies were shooting better and their defenders rebounding better, but they had left their run too late as Kimba had done all the hard work and came out winners. 

Incentive: Darcy Henderson (Kimba)

D grade

Eastern Ranges def Cowell 

Both teams were evenly matched all over the court in height and ability, neither team showing their dominance, with level scores at quarter time

Ranges started the second quarter with more determination and want for the ball and their defensive pressure throughout the court caused numerous turnovers.

Simple errors from both sides and the weather conditions saw Ranges were up by 1 at half time.

The wind strengthened in the third quarter which saw both teams were working hard but Ranges pulled away slightly towards the end of the quarter to be leading by two.

The last quarter was even and was goal for goal as both teams applied pressure all the way down the court, and in a tense finish, Ranges were up by one at the final whistle.

Incentive: Zali Roberts (Eastern Ranges)

Kimba def Ports 

Kimba began strongly as they had plenty of scoring opportunities while Ports struggled to find a way into their ring, letting Kimba getting the lead at the first break..  

Ports were again finding it increasingly difficult to penetrate the centre court defensive pressure and Kimba led at half time.

Ports made some changes to begin the second half and it increased their opportunities at goal but Kimba’s circle defense was proving a hurdle for the Ports to overcome.  

Kimba’s goalies had many scoring chances and improved their accuracy with every shot as Ports trailed at the third break.

Ports rallied and worked hard with their possessions but Kimba were just too strong and took the game.

Incentive: Layla Moseby Read and Lily Venning (Kimba)

E2 grade

Cowell def Eastern Ranges

The first quarter saw both teams start well, and the low score showed how close the game was

Cowell’s goalies were very accurate in the second quarter, and with the increase in turnovers allowed Cowell to dominated play and the quarter, with Ranges only scoring one goal for the quarter.

The wind made its presence known in the third quarter, yet the Cowell goalies were able to continue their accuracy, but the Ranges still tried hard for the loose balls.

No changes to the Ranges could not stop Cowell’s scoring, and while the Ranges fought hard, Cowell skipped away to a big lead.

Incentive: Sarah Weiss (Eastern Ranges) and Sophie Flavell (Cowell)