A graders play a draw

Inter-association netball

Mid West v Eastern Eyre

A grade

Mid West drew Eastern Eyre 41-41

WITH a fast start, the play was even and very competitive between Mid West and Eastern Eyre at Warramboo at the weekend.

Some great defensive pressure helped Eastern Eyre pulled away by a couple of goals at the start of the first quarter.

However, beautiful defence by the Mid West defenders in the ring closed the gap and they pulled ahead by two goals, 11-9.

Another quick start to the quarter and Mid West’s defenders had great pressure and capitalised with their turnovers.

However, Eastern Eyre’s goalies’ perfect positioning and precision shooting helped Eastern Eyre push ahead and win the quarter 20-21.

Strong ball play by Mid West helped even up the score.

On ball pressure through the centre court caused turn overs and both teams capitalised.

Excellent tight defence by Mid West helped even the score to 31-31.

The fourth quarter was intense with fantastic pressure, passes defence and passages of play by both teams.

It was a delight to watch such a high level of netball.

Best on court were Amy Allen (Eastern Eyre) and Ella Williams (Mid West).

B grade

Mid West lost to Eastern Eyre 19-54

Best on court were Bec Harkness (Eastern Eyre) and Tegan Joyce (Mid West).

17 and under

Mid West lost to Eastern Eyre 14-76

Best on court were Annie Burton (Eastern Eyre) and Kiah Tomney (Mid West).

15 and under division one

Mid West lost to Eastern Eyre 36-56

Best on court were Maddie Allen (Eastern Eyre) and Yayhna Chynoweth (Mid West).

15 and under division two

Mid West lost to Eastern Eyre 30-42

Best on court were Rheanna Peters (Eastern Eyre) and Marli Ryan (Mid West).

13 and under division one

Mid West def Eastern Eyre 40-35

The Mid West girls started by combining well and settling early with some great drives through the court.

Ella Evans was feeding Emerson O’Brien and Elly Baker well.

Eastern Eyre took the quarter to settle with great defensive pressure by Sharnee Roberts in goal defence and Tessa Dunn in goal keeper.

Mid West finished the quarter in the lead 11-6.

Eastern Eyre made changes in the mid court and the Mid West side remained unchanged.

The changes unsettled Mid West’s drives down the court with Eastern Eyre turning over the ball.

Eastern Eyre goalies were able to capitalise on opportunities closing the gap.

Unforced errors late in the second quarter allowed Eastern Eyre within one goal.

Mid West’s defenders created some opportunities and the goalies capitalised on these turnovers to extend their lead by eight with only a couple of minutes to go in the quarter.

Both teams made changes after the half-time break.

Great defensive pressure by the Mid West defenders was making it difficult for the Eastern Eyre goalies.

Mid West goalies were very accurate and the Eastern Eyre defenders were having a great contest in the circle.

All the girls were fighting hard for the ball with Eastern Eyre’s Sharnee Roberts creating opportunities but goal defence Meika Tomney playing a good fourth quarter, made it hard for the Eastern Eyre goalers.

Eastern Eyre caught up but Mid West held on to their lead 30-27.

With more changes by both sides, the last quarter started at a fast pace.

Missed opportunities by Mid West allowed Eastern Eyre to close the gap again early in the fourth.

There was tight defence all the way down the court with great contests for the ball.

All the girls were fighting hard for the ball with Eastern Eyre’s Sharnee Roberts creating opportunities but goal defence Meika Tomney playing a good fourth quarter, made it hard for the Eastern Eyre goalers.

The final score saw Mid West finish on top, 40-35.

Best on court were Sharnie Roberts (Eastern Eyre) and Emerson O’Brien (Mid West).

13 and under division two

Mid West 21 lost to Eastern Eyre 30

Best on court were Lily Fiegert (Eastern Eyre) and Ruby Oswald (Mid West).