Cleve council increases unsealed road maintenance budget

THE Cleve District Council has increased its unsealed road maintenance budget by $120,000 to continue road maintenance work the council’s roads. 

It is the second time the council has increased the budget for unsealed road maintenance with roads in a worse condition than initially expected. 

The budget for unsealed maintenance was increased from $525,000 to $600,000 earlier this year to cover an overspend due to the increased sand hole patching and the patrol grading on weekends.

Cleve District Council works manager Ivy Noble said there had been more damage done to the council’s roads and patrol grading costs had therefore exceeded the already increased budget amount. 

He said unfortunately the increased amount of $600,000 would not cover the patrol grading and maintenance work required for the remaining of the 2016/17 financial year. 

“In the 2015/16 financial year council averaged about $43,000 a month compared to this financial year at approximately 63,000 a month up until the end of April,” he said. 

“The months from August to April are approximately double the cost compared to the corresponding months in 2015/16.”

Mr Noble said the works team had encountered more damage this calendar year than expected, which was likely due to the cartage of gypsum and the on-farm sale of grain. 

He said the road repairs needed to be completed to ensure councils unsealed road network was safe for all road users. 

The council’s deputy mayor Bryan Trigg said the increase to the road maintenance budget would allow the council’s works staff to undertake weekend grading in more suitable conditions.