Beach front plan a priority

Franklin Harbour District Council chief executive officer Chris Smith.

Franklin Harbour District Council chief executive officer Chris Smith.

ROADS and planning for the foreshore redevelopment are among the Franklin Harbour District Council’s major projects for the next financial year. 

The council has included a rate rise of 2 per cent in its 2017-18 draft annual business plan and budget, which is now out for consultation.

The council’s chief executive officer Chris Smith said the council was aware ratepayers had the cost of the community wastewater management scheme (CWMS) included on their rate bills, which in some cases added about $800, so had tried to keep the rate rise to a “bare minimum”.

“It is not all impost, ratepayers will get savings from the scheme but the conservative rate rise of 2 per cent we hope will go some way in helping,” Mr Smith said. 

The Franklin Harbour District Council plans to spend more than $500,000 to reseal and resheet a number of roads in the district. 

Mr Smith said the council had undertaken a road audit and tour to work out which roads were a priority to be fixed.

He said the council would primarily be working to resheet parts of Beach Road, the Scenic Highway and Franklin Road but would also undertake sealing work on parts of the Kimba Road and about eight other roads in the Cowell township, to fix disruptions caused during the installation of the community wastewater management scheme.

Mr Smith said the council had also allocated money to look at solar and storage options to “insulate” the district against blackouts like the ones it faced last year. 

“We are also going to be putting in CCTV cameras and wireless on Main Street,” Mr Smith said. 

Mr Smith said the biggest project for the council would be its foreshore redevelopment for which it had budgeted $50,000 for detailed designs and plans for future development. 

The council also made an allowance of $300,000 for the first stage of the foreshore redevelopment, the bulk earthworks, but Mr Smith said that would only go ahead if grant funding was received. 

Mr Smith said the foreshore redevelopment was part of the council’s long term plan and was one of the most “ambitious” projects the council had taken on. 

“If we don’t get grant funding and the foreshore redevelopment doesn’t start this year, we will save our pennies to make sure it can go ahead in future,” he said.