Kimba control courts

B GRADE: Eastern Ranges Bridget Johnston and Kimba's Lisa Zibell each try to get their hands to this low ball. Pictures: Nat Roberts.

B GRADE: Eastern Ranges Bridget Johnston and Kimba's Lisa Zibell each try to get their hands to this low ball. Pictures: Nat Roberts.

B grade

Eastern Ranges 27 lost to Kimba 52

Kimba took control of the game early and it paid off with the travelling side convincing winners.

Ranges defenders were working overtime trying to halt Kimba’s dominance.

Ranges and Kimba made changes at quarter time and Ranges pegged back a few goals.

Once Kimba settled they continued to play great netball.

Ranges were putting pressure on every pass but made some costly errors.

Half time score was Ranges 15 to Kimba 28

Ranges tried a few positional changes and settled well.

Kimba ran away with the game, shooting 16 goals to Ranges 5 in the third quarter.

Kimba’s combination worked well to shut down the Ranges goalies.

To Ranges credit they didn’t drop their heads and never gave up, but the game was well and truly won by Kimba.

Incentive: Angela Harris.

 C grade

Cowell 28 lost to Ports 43

Cowell and Ports met for the first time for the early game on Saturday, Ports slowly stretching the score to come out winners.  

The game started off a bit scrappy with passes being thrown to the wrong sides but Ports settled first.

Cowell then got a few quick goals on the scoreboard and Cowell had to work hard to fight back with a few goals of their own.

The game was going goal for goal by the end of the first quarter but Ports finished with a one goal lead 10-9.

Teams made minimal changes but Ports made their move in defence creating a five goal lead by the half time break.

During the third quarter the Ports goalies stayed accurate while Cowell struggled to settle and play their game.

The lead stretched out 32-21 by third quarter time.

The final quarter saw Ports come out strong and adapt well to the changes they had made to finish the game on top. 

Eastern Ranges 27 lost to Kimba 53

Eastern Ranges had the home ground advantage but it was not enough to topple Kimba who won by 26 goals.

Eastern Ranges started the game off with first centre pass, settling quickly with Sophie Dolling shooting well.

Teams were hungry for the ball and there were lots of turnovers.

Kimba goalies found their feet and started working well but Ranges’ Sarah Noble was getting her hand to intercepts in the ring.

There was good pressure from Ranges all over the court but Kimba lead 15-8 at the first break. 

Kimba settled quickly but Ranges were a little unsettled after a few changes at quarter time and Kimba was picking up on the home team’s mistakes.

Eastern Ranges defender Alesha Hannemann was applying pressure on goalies well.

Accurate shooting from Kimba goalies took them to an 11 goal lead at half time.

Kimba brought on fresh legs in the centre working the ball well down the court.

Ranges’ goalie Steph Brown moved well while Kristen Siviour directed the ball down the court and fed well to her goalies.

Last quarter saw Ranges come out fighting but Kimba’s centre court players were feeding the ball well into their goalies who were shooting beautifully.

Eastern Ranges battled right to the end but Kimba proved to strong and finished the game off.


Eastern Ranges 20 lost to Kimba 32

Great shooting from Kimba’s goalies ensured they went home with a win, defeating Eastern Ranges at Rudall.

Play moved up and down the court a number of times before Kimba’s Corinne Tucker shot the first goal of the game.

All defenders worked hard but it was Kimba’s tall Anna Davidson who proved challenging for Ranges goalies.

Determined not to let Kimba get too far away from them, Ranges defenders Bec Jones, Tash Rosenzweig and Lauren Siviour worked hard throughout the second quarter keeping Kimba’s goals down to four for the quarter, but it was still Kimba’s way at half time, 7-12.  

Kimba brought on fresh legs in the third quarter and with great shooting managed to strengthen their lead, 25 to Ranges 13.

Ranges came out fighting in the final quarter and all defenders were working hard, putting pressure on goalies and getting their hands to many rebounds.

Play was even and teams each scored seven goals for the quarter.

Incentive: Eastern Ranges: Elyse Rissman.

Ports 21 lost to Cowell 28

Cowell had a fantastic game against Port winning by seven goals. 

Ports were extremely competitive all down the court and the pressure against Cowell lasted for the entire game.

The end of the first quarter saw Cowell with a slight lead of 10-6 but over the next two quarters Ports clawed their way back and evened the scores to 17 all. 

Cowell came out firing in the final quarter, the team’s strong defence from Elle Wykamp, Fiona Norris and with Jade Kuhn controlling the centre.

Special mention went to Cowell’s newest team member, Sirilak ‘Siri’ Pajareons.

Siri has not been in Australia for very long and had not even seen a game of netball but she was brave enough to take the court on Saturday and did an amazing job. Well done!

Incentive: Cowell: Elle Wykamp.

D grade

Eastern Ranges 50 defeated Kimba 40

Ranges and Kimba met for the first time in the D grade this year, both without losses.

It was a nervous start, but Ranges settled first and started converting their goals.

Their defenders were working hard and Ranges made the most of their turnovers and were leading 16-7 at quarter time.

Ranges continued from their strong first quarter and played patient netball, making very good decisions all the way down the court.

Kimba continued to work hard and stepped it up in the second half of the quarter with their goalies starting to  convert. The half time score was Eastern Ranges 27 to Kimba 19.

The third quarter started evenly but Kimba made some vital turnovers in the mid court and their goalies rewarded their hard work.

Kimba finished the quarter strong but Ranges were still leading 38-32.

Kimba got within four goals of Ranges before the Ranges girls started working harder, their goalies driving and shooting well and they extended their lead to come out winners by 10 goals, 50-40.

E GRADE: Tessa Dunn (Eastern Ranges) intercepts the ball before Jordan Zibell (Kimba) get her hands to it.

E GRADE: Tessa Dunn (Eastern Ranges) intercepts the ball before Jordan Zibell (Kimba) get her hands to it.

Incentive: Eastern Ranges: Jordan Shambrook.


Eastern Ranges 13 defeated Kimba 10

The game was evenly contested by Ranges took the win by three goals.

Ranges defenders worked tirelessly to keep Kimba’s goal opportunities to a minimum.

Kimba started the second quarter determined and were defending well and capitalising on Eastern Ranges mistakes to level the score.

Towards the end of the quarter, Eastern Ranges improved and goalies started to combine well to take the lead again at half time, Eastern Ranges 9 to Kimba 6. 

The third quarter was another even one and there was good team work by both sides all the way down the court. 

Eastern Ranges managed to retain their lead with minimal goals scored. 

By the last quarter the girls were quite fatigued and goals were hard to get. 

To their credit, all players remained determined to play out the game with Eastern Ranges coming out on top. 

Incentive: Eastern Ranges: Milly Evans.