Ports’ show of strength

Eastern Ranges 8.7 – 55 lost to Ports 13.6 – 84

It was a great day for football at Eastern Ranges’ first home game for the 2017 season but they could not hold back a determined Ports side and went down by 29 points.

A steady breeze was blowing from the east which favoured the Ranges end slightly in the first quarter.

The game started as a tough hard encounter and the ball seemed to bounce between the halfback lines for the first 10 minutes of the quarter.

Ports finally broke through the defence of Ranges with Brad Masters thumping the ball forward into Matt Parker’s hands for the first goal of the game.

The second goal of the game was snapped by Tom Davey curling the ball through the sticks from 40 metres out and you could tell that Ports were there to play.

Matt Parker was presenting well up forward with two goals for Ports and Pat Jenner scored a quick two goals at the 20 minute mark to finish an evenly contested first quarter. 

Ranges 2.1 – 13, Ports 3.1 – 19

The second quarter started much the same as the first and the backlines continued to battle it out. 

Matt Parker’s strong hands up forward were causing problems for Ranges as he kicked his third.

However Ranges replied immediately, through young player Caleb Evans kicking into the breeze.

Luke Harrowfield, seemed to be everywhere. 

His voice from the boundary was evident and Ports consistently kept out a Ranges attack into the forward lines with great defence from Sid Masters who was a strong contributor. 

Ranges 3.6 – 24, Ports 7.2 – 44

Ports wasted no time with a goal straight out of the centre and Ranges replied straight away through Lachlan Shambrook but Ports responded with another great goal from Tom Davey. 

Jess Kenny was trying to lift his team running hard for Ranges as was Luke Harrowfield for Ports.

Ports had control of the game at three quarter time, up by 27 points, Ranges 6.7 – 43, Ports 11.4 – 70.

The last quarter was a battle of the fittest, not much goal scoring went on and the forward lines battled hard but delivery was not great.

Ports coach Adam Davey put the game out of reach with a long goal for his team, though Caleb Evans and Pat Jenner did respond for Ranges with two quick goals to end the game. 

Best for Ports: Sid Masters, Luke Harrowfield, and Matt Dodd; Ranges: Rhyce Benkie, Jess Kenny and Ethan Kwaterski

Kimba 18.6 – 114 defeated Cowell 9.8 – 62

Cowell travelled to Kimba for the annual twilight game where Kimba recorded a strong win under lights. 

For Cowell it was a first and for Kimba it was a chance to back up last years winning effort.

Cowell won the toss and kicked with a slight breeze.

The midfield battle was bound to be brutal and the first five minutes was nothing less as teams traded blows but Fitzgerald broke through with Kimba's first. 

Cowell managed their first through Helps, as the game continued back and forth up and down the ground. 

Kimba's midfield began to move the ball forward better and Fitzgerald scored another goal.

Buchanan and Clements delivered well and Rayson was poised with his use of the ball. 

Kimba lead at quarter time.

Wykamp lead the ruck for Cowell and began to feed his onballers at the start of the second quarter. 

Trezise did a good job on Walsh but he could not beat the reach of the big man as he kicked a goal for Cowell. 

Haskett moved well for the Tigers up forward.

He was providing plenty of space for Fitzgerald to continue his domination up forward marking everything that came his way which frustrated Cowell’s Piggott. 

Kimba took a strong lead into half time, thankfully the break was kept brief as it felt like winter out in the middle. The Tigers were fired up to continue their control of the game and score into the wind. 

Cowell obviously had the message to play hard and tough and got physical early in the third quarter.

This saw the footy turned over and Cowell started to convert through Helps and Walsh once again. 

Kimba's backline fought off the pressure and started to sway the momentum which allowed the Tigers to add to the scoreboard and take control of the game.

Cramp became a concern for most players and they came to and from the ground to fight it.

Three quarter time could not come soon enough for Cowell as Kimba extended their lead.

The last quarter started with a goal each but players were tired and turnovers were more frequent. 

Through the better players like Rayson and Bone for the Tigers, and Burton for Cowell teams used the ball better and deliver well for their teammates.

Fitzgerald provided a strong target up forward taking his tally to eight and then nine for the game, backing up last weeks Anzac Day Medal performance.