Ranges enjoy 27 goal win

A grade – ER 55 defeated Ports 28

 GRAB: Eastern Ranges' Keeley Mason trails Bec Harkness as she takes an intercept in A grade. Picture: Judith Rehn.

GRAB: Eastern Ranges' Keeley Mason trails Bec Harkness as she takes an intercept in A grade. Picture: Judith Rehn.

Eastern Ranges took home a 27 goal win against Ports.

The game started with teams trying to play a quick game which caused a lot of silly mistakes but Ranges settled and their defence worked hard for turnovers, which gave their attackers the opportunity to score. 

Ports started the second quarter strong but Ranges worked themselves back, starting to trust each other and give the ball off. Ranges 33 to Ports 14 at half time.

Ranges made a lot of changes and it took time for the players to settle while defenders worked hard taking intercepts. 

The last quarter was even, Ports changes lifting the whole team. Incentive: Eastern Ranges: Annie Burton; Ports: Rebecca Harkness.

Kimba 51 defeated Cowell 22

In the twilight match at Kimba, the Tigers took out a convincing win against Cowell. 

The game began evenly with accurate shooting from Cowell and patience from Kimba who slowly stepped up their defence to create turnovers and Ashlee Francis at the other end converted well to increase the score.

In the second quarter Kimba’s whole court defence was excellent and turnovers all over the court limited Cowell’s opportunities.

Cowell’s defence applied pressure to Kimba goalies but the feeding from Abby Hampel and Shylie Harris was accurate giving Kimba more chances to score. Kimba increased their lead to 17 at half time.

Cowell brought Kyla Franklin on into goals and put Kristen Ramsey into the centre court, to provide drive and open play.

Accurate shooting made the quarter tough but Kimba had the momentum and Krystal Mills continued to work hard in GK.

The Cats finished with confidence and kept with Kimba to the finish.

B grade – ER 40 defeated Ports 39

Both teams had a good start but Ranges held on for their second win.

It was goal for goal for the first few center passes, Eastern Ranges had more of the ball, but a late come back by Ports saw an even score at quarter time.

Ranges’ changes made for an unsettled start but through great defensive turnovers managed to pull ahead a four goal lead at half time. Ranges 21 – Ports 16.

Ports were confident out of the blocks and managed to recover a few goals to catch Ranges who took time to settle after half time position changes.

Ranges started the final quarter strong but Ports clawed their way back.

C grade – ER 22 lost to Ports 25

Eastern Ranges started with plenty of turnovers resulting in goals but could not hold on to beat Ports.

Ports had great defence but accurate shooting by Ranges’ Nat Roberts saw them take the lead at quarter time.

Ranges’ Casey Harris created excellent turnovers and defenders worked well together.

Ports flowed well down the court and strong leads and passes resulted in quick goals. Ranges kept their lead at half time, 13-9.

Ports settled early,  players working hard all over the court. Ranges Sarah Noble worked hard while Ports GA moved well in the ring to see Ports hit the lead by five goals.

Ports defenders made Ranges’ goalies work hard but Ports worked well to win. Incentive: Eastern Ranges: Casey Harris.

C2 – ER 11 lost to Ports 27

It was a tight game but the work of Ports’ goalies saw them pull to the lead in the last quarter to win.

Intercepts had the ball moving up and down the court before Ranges’, Kristan Every, scored the first goal of the game. The pressure on Ports’ goalies gave Ranges the lead at the end of the first quarter.

All defenders fought throughout the second quarter but by the end, Ports goalies settled and pulled into the lead, 8 goals to 7.

Even play throughout the third quarter had all defenders putting pressure on their goalies keeping goal scoring low.

Teams settled in the fourth quarter and the shooting of Ports saw them finish winners. Incentive: Natasha Rosenzweig.

D grade – ER 61 defeated Ports 33

Ranges and Ports met for the first time this season, Ranges claiming victory.

The game started evenly but Ranges were able to capitalise on their turnovers to lead at the first break.

Ports made positional changes in the second quarter and Ranges’ attackers applied defensive pressure to cause held balls and turnovers. Ranges extended their lead, 30 to Ports 13 at the main break.

Ports started strong, their goalies found the ball and converted. Ranges finished well, combining to maintain their lead. Incentive: Eastern Ranges: Madi Allen.

E grade – ER 38 defeated Ports 13

Great team work from Ranges saw them earn a hard fought win. 

It was a slow start but Ranges capitalised on the turnovers coming out of defence.

Ports defenders worked hard for the few rebounds but Ranges defended well down the court, chasing loose balls. 

Ranges goalies combined well in the second quarter, increasing their score consistently.

Ports GK worked hard to get rebounds while the GA worked tirelessly to apply pressure through the centre to make Ranges work.

Changes at half time saw the score increase, Ports doubled their score by the end of the quarter.  Incentive: Eastern Ranges: Jorja Newlyn.

E2 – ER 17 defeated ports 15

Ranges scraped through to beat Ports by two goals.

Ranges had nice leads and passes, providing a strong start and Ports were steady and used the ball well. 

It was a tight second quarter with a few missed goals but Ports improved. 

The girls struggled to concentrate with the new 15 minute quarters having an impact. Ranges showed great determination for the win.