Institutions ready to lend a helping hand

Often it is difficult for sports and community groups to provide training, equipment or support for their volunteers.

Organisations may need to  provide emergency medical training, require new equipment for junior teams or just fix the clubroom toilet that continues to leak - it all costs money which most groups don’t have in abundance.

There are a number of state and national grants which can help groups continue to cater for volunteers without having to dig into the coffers.

The state government used to provide two grants, the Volunteer Support Fund and the Volunteer Training Grants, which have now been combined to make it easier for groups to access.

The grants available are the major applications for funds between $20,000 and $50,000, medium for between $5000 and $20,000 and minor applications for funding up to $5000.

The minor grants can be applied for on a monthly basis with the other two higher programs having two to four rounds a year - both of these are anticipated to be open some time this month.

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There are also numerous other state and federal grants available which can help with funding; visit the websites of the SA Office for Recreation and Sport, Multicultural SA or the Federal Department of Social Services, to name a few.

Local governments, banks and numerous groups also have programs or funds which can be accessed for community and sports organisations, so make contact and discover when the next round of funding will be available.

Whatever the amount, groups do not have to rely solely on meat raffles and lamington drives to pay for what is needed.