National Volunteer Week

As national volunteer week approaches, 5TCB volunteer Deb Salt has given the community an insight into a typical day in her role.

Deb has been volunteering at 5TCB as a presenter and local news producer for 18 months and has learnt as much as she has brought to the community radio station.

Deb spends around 10 hours a week at 5TCB producing the Local News segment three times a week.

“I was new to the area and realised that by doing some volunteer work, I would most probably meet people, and get a feel for the community. 

“I saw 5TCB's ad in the paper for volunteers and thought - well that could be fun, and it just started from there.”

Deb said that working at the station was challenging, rewarding and interesting and a typical day was never the same as the next. 

“It's random and I get to be flexible which works well for me.”

“Putting the local news together, I've learned so many new skills and received huge support from the station manager and the team.”

Throughout her 18 months at the station, Deb has achieved some great things, which have come with experience and hard work that is a result of her dedication to the volunteer role.

Deb said her biggest success to date was when the station won an SCMA award in March this year for ‘Best Locally Produced News or Information Program’ that was a national prize.

The volunteer enjoys her workplace, with a good environment and great leader as she works under Sardia Kakoshke, 5TCB station manager.

Deb said that Scad provided plenty of support for all volunteers and was destined to achieve great things.

“She laughs like a trooper and I love that, and she tells a bloody good story. She'll be famous one day and I'll be her PA,” Deb said.

In doing all this, the role has given back to Deb, many skills that have all come free of charge and will remain with her for future job opportunities.

“I’ve learnt a lot of technical audio skills, office and computer skills, and I have a better understanding about the community radio sector in Australia,” she said. 

Additionally, Deb has said she recommends volunteering in general to everyone in the Tatiara and that there were plenty of options and roles avaliable.

“Volunteering is a commitment that benefits you personally, not just the organisation you become involved with. 

“It's a win-win situation, and like me, you can learn skills and have experiences that you otherwise wouldn't have had, if you hadn't given up your time in the first place.

“It's great for self-esteem and confidence-building, up-skilling or just keeping your skills fresh, depending on where you volunteer.

“Doing something that you've got a passion for is probably the key - as we all have busy lives.

“That ‘feel good factor’ of giving back to our communities is good too, and I do feel like I'm contributing to where I live.”

This story 5TCB volunteer loves the role first appeared on Border Chronicle.