Tatiara Red Cross

The Red Cross are searching for volunteers from the Tatiara as they help the community through hard work and determination.

The South East Red Cross currently has 150 members and volunteers helping out with regular shifts throughout the districts with nine branches that include Bordertown and Mundulla from the Tatiara.

Greg Baxendale, Regional Coordinator for the South East said that every year the Red Cross people make over 40,000 phone calls to help people feel supported and safe.

“Red Cross was established in the South East at the outbreak of World War 1 to support the community, which they did incredibly well,” Mr Baxendale said.

“It’s a natural thing to want to help others you see in need and Red Cross provides an avenue to allow people to do that.

Mr Baxendale said that Red Cross is the instrument to enable people to help others, with over 40,000 hours being gifted to the people of the South East.

Being a volunteers will provide a range of benefits to the local community as well as nationally and internationally, as Red Cross is a world wide organisation.

“Volunteers bring a range of skills to any organisation and Red Cross is no different. They are critical for our service delivery to those in the community less fortunate.”

There are a range of roles that are always available at all the South East locations with no previous qualifications or requirements necessary.

“We have Volunteer Drivers and Companions in Bordertown and Mundulla and all across the South East.

These drivers are vital as they take clients to hospitals and specialists in Adelaide and across the South East and into Western Victoria for various medical appointments.

Another role covered by a volunteer is simply calling isolated people in the morning as a welfare check.

“This phone support program is popular with corporate entities who allow staff to come in and make these calls before they go into work,” Mr Baxendale said.

Volunteer work can be matched to a personality and is generally more flexible then paid work with gratitude and benefits that come with the role.

At the Red Cross, when people offer their time, the organisation will have a decent talk to them and find out their skills and interests and try to match that to their programs.

“Plenty of volunteers will tell you they get a huge kick out of making a difference in people’s lives. It also shows prospective employers that the candidate has a social conscience because they volunteer.

The hours for work can be entirely up to the volunteer and can range from one morning a month, to three days a week allowing time to be involved in other causes.

“Volunteering doesn’t need to be just for one organisation or cause. We have many Volunteers who also volunteer with other organisations,” Mr Baxendale said.

Volunteer drivers and companions travel over 170,000 kms to improve people’s access and independence to services and this is why the Red Cross are always looking for people to support their program delivery.

“Too many Volunteers isn’t a reality, so we’re happy for people to approach us at any time.”

This story Red Cross search for volunteers first appeared on Border Chronicle.