Lynne Christopherson has Booleroo Centre community at heart

Rural communities are built by their volunteers, and few people know that better than Lynne Christopherson, lifelong resident of Booleroo Centre and prominent volunteer.

Mrs Christopherson began her volunteer career on the Booleroo Centre Football Club's social committee when she was 18, and has been dedicating her time to the community ever since.

One of her most influential volunteering roles was as chairperson of Booleroo Centre District School's council, a position she held for several years.

Her time at the school began as chairperson of the kindergarten, and she was heavily involved with the merging of the kindergarten, primary school and high school in 2001.

Mrs Christopherson describes her time as school chairperson as her most rewarding experience as a volunteer, closely followed by her involvement with netball.

"You could deal with situations and resolve things, or work to make the school better for your kids,” she said.

She admitted that the role wasn't always easy.

"With the school you've got to be confidential with everything.

"There were processes you had to go through, and it was pretty challenging to keep everybody happy.”

She describes social media as the biggest issue she faced as part of the school council, especially dealing with the repercussions of Facebook.

Mrs Christopherson said that a lot had changed in the years since she was chairperson.

“I think it's more challenging now,” she said, speaking of the school council and also volunteering in general.

“A lot more people are working, so it's not as easy to get volunteers.

“That's made things harder, but people still step up to the plate when they're asked.”

She also said that regulations had made volunteering more difficult, especially within the school.

"These days you have to have police checks,” she said.

"You're not allowed on grounds, you can't do working bees, you've got to sign off for insurance… there are a lot of changes now.

“It's not the school's fault,” she said, “it's just the way the department has gone.”

In spite of these difficulties, Mrs Christopherson still believes that Booleroo has an amazing community of volunteers.

She said that the success of the sheep races proves that people are always happy to pull together and help each other out.

She also mentioned the Lions Club, the CFS and the SA Ambulance Service, describing them all as amazing examples of volunteers in the community.

“I think those three are groups which we're pretty lucky to have.”

Mrs Christopherson spoke highly of her time as a volunteer.

“It is pretty amazing.”

“Sometimes it's challenging, but the reward at the end of the day, whether it's monetary for the organisation you're working for, or getting a fence put up, or just something that can save some cost or time to somebody else, is very rewarding.”

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