It is time to put the pen to bed

IT is time for me to retire the pen back in its special spot and time to strap the pinny back on. 

(For those who don’t know, a pinny is a slang word for apron).

I have resigned from the Tribune as its journalist and instead will focus my energy, love and time to my family. 

Some of you may be thinking I am slightly cracked and you would be correct.

I am walking away from a pay cheque, status and a career path (plus a foxy little red car).

(Please imagine me now laying on ground with a compress and a restorative brandy clasped in my shaking hand).

But, it had to be done.

It wasn’t a decision taken lightly but it was essential for the number one reason to our existence, family. 

No matter how much I sometimes want to lightly dust The Husband’s dinner with a smattering of rat poison or beg someone to have The Child for a year or two, they are my family and they need me to be around more.

I will now return to the rank of citizen only of Eastern Eyre and what a blessing it has been to meet so many fascinating people over my time at the paper. 

The people of this district are a group of individuals who constantly face every difficulty with a stoic and heroic air of ‘here we go again’ and get on with the job with charm and skill.

I admire every one of you. 

The opportunities to be the wordsmith of so many wonderful, sad, challenging and interesting stories of this district is an honour I will miss. 

But I know the Tribune will continue to provide all you need to know about the big and the small issues facing our districts.

To keep the paper growing we need to keep buying it, keep reading online, keep advertising and promoting your business through it.

You may end up with a journalist who can actually use an apostrophe where it belongs, who doesn’t use rude words when taking video footage or who might not even cry during an interview. 

I eagerly await to see what direction the new reporter (whoever they are) will take the paper in and am excited for them to meet you all and get to understand the beauty of the residents of Eastern Eyre. 

Thank you. 

Trudi Herde-Rodda, journalist and mum