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LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to trudi.herde@fairfaxmedia.com.au


Unfortunately frustration has compelled me to write this letter, rest assured I have plenty of other things to attend to.

From the very first notification to the Kimba community of two radioactive waste repository sites being nominated, I and many others have felt as though the government are so hellbent on getting this to fruition that they completely overlooked the social cost to the community.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but the way I have observed this all unfold is that the community were not informed well enough, if at all of even the concept of having such a facility in our district. The first I and many others knew of this was when we were told the land had already been nominated.

Many attended the first public meeting where there was obvious opposition to the proposal and several people at that meeting suggested a community vote.

Rowan Ramsey and members of the council informed the packed institute this was not the right way to go about it. After much consultation and trips to Canberra, Minister Frydenberg announced there was not enough broad community support to go any further.

It looked to me as though the people of Kimba would finally have a chance to regroup and wounds could start to heal but instead of the government putting the issue to rest, they leave the proposal on the table just in case. 

It appears those who were undecided may have been persuaded to support this proposal and now it seems somewhat convenient to hold a vote. It is obvious democracy can and is being manipulated to best suit the outcome this government seek.

The amount of pain, frustration and anxiety this process has caused makes me shudder at what cost the community will incur if this goes ahead. Some are worried small communities like ours are declining and to a point statistics tell us this is so.

Please think seriously beyond your generation and the next, as this radioactive waste has the potential to affect all people of the Eyre Peninsula and beyond, whether it be literally or perceived. 

You may not be aware, but there is already drums of radioactive waste leaking at Woomera, which is conservatively going to cost the tax payer $30 million to re-contain. It is obvious the government do not know how best to deal with this stuff.

I do feel the part of the community that want this to progress have genuine concerns for the future of Kimba but unfortunately the average human lifespan does not allow us the opportunity to rectify the consequences of our decisions should we get it wrong.

We are all concerned about our futures but what we need to appreciate is that should this process continue we must be prepared for continued division and maybe even less prosperity than we had. How many millions will it take to make up for that sort of loss?

Surely the adhesion of this community and the risks, great or small, to our livelihoods far outweigh the financial gain no matter how great.


Hospital care amazing

I would like to thank the nursing staff of Cleve Hospital for the amazing level of care and support they offer every person who walks through their doors.

We were unfortunate enough to have two family members hospitalised in a week recently and got to see first hand the constant flow of emergencies and chronic care needs our nurses deal with every day in rural hospitals.

The professional and personal support these amazing people offered not only Liam and myself but our concerned families, was incredible and I am thankful.

Thinking back to the many late night desperate hospital runs I’ve had over almost 18 years of parenting, that we as a community have so many amazing nursing professionals, here in Cleve, to rely on. Thankyou.